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3D modeling startup Vectary raises $2.5M

Slovakian based software startup Vectary is moving to New York! Following a Seed round that raised $2.5 million, led by BlueYard Capital, a Berlin-based VC, Vectary will use the money to make the move and ready itself for a full launch. Also participating in the finance round were Neulogy Ventures, a Bratislava-based VC that had previously put in pre-seed funds alongside angel investors.

The partnership kicked off on the 10th of October, giving more than 10,000 waiting subscribers access to the platform’s beta. The plan is to expand access further over the following weeks, giving more users the ability to provide valuable feedback. Vectary hope this wide community will help them improve the design and user experience before a full launch later this year.

Image: Vectary
Image via Vectary

Ciarán O’Leary from investors, BlueYard Capital commented,

What got us excited about Vectary was the transformational user experience of the tool, paired with the richness of a community. Vectary’s platform can make a large contribution to democratizing 3D modeling beyond engineers, unleashing new products and markets in the process. Technologies that empower and democratize capabilities is exactly what we are looking for at BlueYard.

Haven’t heard of Vectary?

Vectary first came onto the scene earlier this year, working with an initial group of select partners, the company is now in its beta phase and is inviting potential users to join via a sign-up form on their website. While most 3D design software platforms can be tricky to navigate and have a steep learning curve, Vectary’s aim is to circumvent this. The interface has a number of pre-loaded parametric shapes to streamline the initial design process, making 3D modeling more user friendly. These shapes can be modified with a series of sliders to make the design truly your own, and can be saved on their cloud.

Image: Vectary
Image via Vectary

Michal Koor, CEO and co-founder commented:

While working as an industrial designer I wanted to make designing more effective. This led me to rather invest my time into developing a parametric tool, where by moving sliders I was able to easily change shape and get interactive feedback. Later I realized, this approach combined with community would make it much easier for anybody to start with 3D modeling.

This funding will ensure our success, allowing us to further implement our vision to become the most widely used 3D modeling tool, and to scale quickly to new markets. There’s an increasingly large Makers community out there, mostly in the US, so the plan is to expand and cement our presence there, and in turn, attract further investments when the timing is right.
Vectary founders Michal Koor and Pavol Sovis. Image: Vectary
Founders Michal Koor and Pavol Sovis. Photo via Vectary

Vectary, co-founded by Koor and Pavol Sovis, runs in a browser and is entirely cloud based. All designs have the option to be shared, making the platform a great community tool for feedback and customization. Despite its simplicity, it is anticipated the browser platform will still be appealing to professionals and experienced designers.

Image: Vectary
Image via Vectary

The platform is initially free, as there are no charges for joining or designing. However, if you wish to download your design, you will need to pay a fee. There are also options to print directly from the platform using one of their printing partners.

Image: Vectary
Image via Vectary

Feature image: Vectary

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