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Joseph Nogucci Launches 3D Printed Bracelets on eBay

Canadian jewelry design brand Joseph Nogucci has been growing with the help of social media and online retail.  With a variety of semi-precious stone, charm, and crystal bracelets, the company was able to pull in over 225,000 Facebook fans, earning it the title of Success Story by the social media giant last year.  Now, the design firm has since branched out in terms of ecommerce and materials, launching a store on eBay with a line of 3D printed bracelets.

morfologi 3D printed bracelet on ebay

The designer’s eBay shop will feature Joseph Nogucci’s classic bracelets, geared at a “young, up and coming demographic with a focus on trend setting design”, but has expanded to include a 3D printed line called Morfologi.  The “archi-jewelry”, created by University of Toronto Architecture graduates and designed with architecture modeling software, come in a 12 different colors and three sizes, all made from copper, with a polished, metallic sheen.

3D printed wavemaker bracelet greenThe structure of the bracelets themselves are  “[i]nspired by the symbolic sentience of the ‘Bee Hive’ found in Centuries Old Architectural embellishments” and are meant to “[stand] as a beautiful testament to the strength of Family & Femininity. [The collection] represents the utmost of female leadership in the natural environment, as this form of life thrives on the guidance of a central female figure: The Queen.” 

Additionally, every printed bracelet symbolizes New Age, spiritual qualities.  If you decide to purchase the Purple Wavemaker Morfologi Bracelet, for instance, what you’re really doing is buying something “charged with the many characteristics of the wearer and acts as a reminder of their goals and their strengths.” The eBay store continues, describing the qualities of their other bracelets, “Dipped in Vibrant Enamel each color represents a different and beautiful characteristic of its wearer. Stack different colors for different days to remind yourself of your inner strengths and help achieve your goals. Stack Green and Black and charge your bracelets with Health & Power to help realize your Fitness goals. Wear Grey and Purple to set your sights on a Balanced and Spiritual day. Wear Orange and charge your creative side.”

Reffering to the new partnership with eBay, Joseph Nogucci co-founder, Mario Lovarato, explains that the new store is part of an omni-channel retail strategy, “With 145 million active buyers around the world, we are excited about utilizing the incredible opportunity that eBay provides to broaden our fan base and further expand our brand.”

joseph Nogucci 3D printed bracelets on ebay

Kevin Wolfey, Manager of Large Merchant Strategy at eBay Canada, discusses the new partnership and, I believe, hints at the ecommerce giant’s strategy to adopt more 3D printed products, “We are thrilled to have Joseph Nogucci launch their branded eBay store with us. We believe that their style and brand represent a key demographic in the Fashion and 3D Printed Jewelry market. Given their high level of social engagement we expect a strong partnership and we welcome them to the eBay family of international brands.” 

From the “key demographic” comment, I wonder if eBay has hopes of keeping up with Amazon in terms of featuring 3D printed content.  If so, the Nogguci launch is only the first of many featured 3D printed products to come, with the possibility of greater customization of items, as seen with Amazon.  Just how spiritually charged those other products will be is yet to be determined.