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Israel’s First 3D Printing Retailer Opens This Saturday

The only appropriate song to play when a new 3D printing store opens up anywhere on the planet, I believe, is Sugar Ray’s “Fly”, with the line “All around the world statues crumble for me.”  Maybe I’m just a big Sugar Ray fan, but I believe that Sugar Ray, using profound precognitive capabilities, predicted the fall of traditional manufacturing (the crumbling statues) as a result of the rise in 3D printing across the globe. The meaning of the next line, “who knows how long I’ve loved you”, is still unclear to me, but no doubt refers to the opening of Israel’s first 3D printing shop, 3D Factory.

This Saturday, December 21st, the Israeli store will open its doors to the public.  As the first 3D printing retailer in Israel, 3D Factory Media Manager, and wife of the shop’s co-founder, Jessica Jaffe, boasts that the retailer is “different from 3D Labs and novelty gift shops that have some 3D printed products. 3D Factory is a unique combination of studio gallery, workshop space, and retail store – all dedicated to bringing the 3D printing experience to the local community.

Piggybank 3D FactoryThe store’s online presence has yet to list exactly what printers and filaments they’ll supply, but they’ve made it clear that those are products that they will carry.  Additionally, 3D Factory already has some of its 3D printed objects for sale, such as unique 3D printed jewellery, iPhone cases and even (plastic) brass knuckles. As Jessica mentioned, 3D Factory will house 3D printing workshops, a popular trend we’ve seen among 3D printer retail shops. What the prevalence of such workshops implies is that they are essential in introducing new users to the technology and how to use it. This not only demystifies the intimidating veil of techie illusion surrounding 3D printing, but can give novices much needed skills to get started. 3D Factory will also house the usual 3D printing services, such as rapid prototyping, consultation and design.

I wish the 3D printing retailer a lot of luck. Being the first in anything is a double-edged sword, bringing a great deal of attention and excitement, but also, high expectations. For instance, now that MakerBot has become the standard-bearer to the public for desktop 3D printing, every single desktop 3D printer project on Kickstarter compares itself to the Replicator 2, underlining, IMO, just how underwhelming the MakerBot machine is. If ever things get rough,I hope all of you firsties out there do what I do: listen to Sugar Ray. Without further ado, Sugar Ray!

Source: 3D Factory