3D Printing

Iconery: Where Fashion, E-Commerce, & 3D Printing Intersect

Coming from an e-commerce heavy and tech-savvy background from within Silicon Valley – where she worked for established companies like eBay, Hulu, and Modnique – I’ll go ahead and assume that Ivka Adam, the CEO and founder of Iconery, saw the potential that 3D printing technology could bring jewelry designers and producers before most of us. Adam created Iconery in order to provide the jewelry market with a stable place to re-imagine the classic traditions generally used in jewelry manufacturing. By curating the Icornery marketplace with both wildly popular and up-and-coming designers, Adam isn’t trying to create an exclusively high-end shopping experience, rather, she is focusing on using new and advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, in order to help both designers and consumers to build themselves a collection of personalized and meaningful jewelry.


At the same time, Iconery is far from a cheap, 3D printed jewelry replica marketplace either, curating some extremely popular designers – such as Daryl K and Melissa Coker, of Wren – and only 3D printing with precious metals generally used in the traditional manufacturing process. Prices for these various jewelry collections range from $95 to $4,000, a wide ranging price that makes Iconery accessible to consumers from all types of fashion backgrounds and economic standings. The e-commmerce site launched on September 15th, 2015, by Adam and Iconery’s Creative Director, Andrea Linett, who formerly held the same title for eBay Fashion and Michael Kors.

                    Ring designed by Daryl K.

Although Iconery stands to serve the fashion-based consumer market in some pretty major ways, it seems that the e-commerce site may be even more focused on providing their curated designers with some pretty helpful benefits. Adam and Linett are offering ‘end-to-end solutions’ to these jewelry makers by providing CAD design and rendering services, manufacturing their designs for them by 3D printing, casting, and polishing, and will also handle the fulfillment and customer support for the designers as well. This assisting process will allow the curated designers more time to pursue the creation of new jewelry models.

“Iconery has allowed me this seamless progression and an exciting opportunity to create the pieces that will further the Daryl K. design philosophy without having to handle the challenges of fine jewelry making and marketing. It’s a perfect partnership.” – Daryl K. 


Iconery is procuring a state-of-the-art jewelry marketplace simply by servicing both sides of the market. By offering consumers a wide range of jewelry designers, and offering designers a safe-haven to develop, manufacture, and market their creations, Adam and Linett are not only fulfilling the connection between jewelry and 3D printing, they are also connecting the consumer to the maker. This unique focus on both the buyer and seller will draw attention from both sides of the playing field, cutting out the usually time-consuming processes of manufacturing, marketing, and even the intensive search of trying to find the most meaningful and personalized piece of jewelry to add to your collection.