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i.Materialise Adds Stainless Steel To Its Material Range

One of the most typical questions people unfamiliar with the 3D printing industry tend to ask is about the availability and offering of different materials that can be utilised today. This issue is, in fact, a very interesting starting point for conversation — especially as new materials for 3D printing are being introduced to the market almost weekly, it seems.

And on that note, this week we bring you a new highly detailed stainless steel, or more simply HS, from i.materialise. The material, albeit still in its (beta) testing phase, offers great potential especially for innovative jewellery applications and avatars for example for game pieces (as shown in the imagery) – or for anything else, that requires high detail, durability and, of course, some shine.

i.materialise 35mm Sophiei.materialise Gaia 1 ring by Da Capo

The material is offered as a compromise between silver and titanium — with best features of both – the strength of titanium with more shine but less expensive than silver but with more durability and slightly less shine.

HS has been through vigorous testing, including spending some time in a hot salted bath with no ill-effects and not a hint of rust. i.materialise still wants to give aspiring designers a chance to work with the new material before officially including it in their featured materials range. As of this point the limitations size-wise are from 3 x 3 x 3 mm to 40 x 40 x 35 mm with details from 0.3 mm and wall thickness from 1mm.

If you want to get your hands on this material today, why not head to the source link for more information on availability and pricing.

i.materialise 35mm Aislin by Yarrid Henrard

Source: i.materialise
All images courtesy of i.materialise