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How Much Does Every Industrial 3D Printer Cost? Ask the Senvol Database.

As an organizer of industrial 3D printing information, I love Senvol because they act as a desperately needed clarifying force in the 3D printing industry.  There are so many machines, so many different companies, and so much information scattered across thousands of web pages, that an engine of clarification and organization is an incredibly welcome presence in my opinion.  That engine is the Senvol Database, the first, best, and most comprehensive 3D printing database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials.  Now, I must say: All hail the mighty Senvol Database, for Co-Presidents Annie Wang and Zach Simkin have now incorporated pricing information into their powerful system!

Senvol Database_AM Machine Pricing Breakdown_4 6 15

The Senvol Database already allows users to search by machine build size, material type, and material tensile strength. From this day forth, machine price shall be easy to discover in one place as well! Senvol President Annie Wang commented, “We work in close collaboration with the machine manufacturers. The price ranges in the Senvol Database reflect the fact that specific machine pricing can vary by location and by distribution channel.”

Senvol President Zach Simkin added, “We’re very excited to announce the addition of pricing information to the Senvol Database. It was something that a lot of people in the industry had asked us for. We’re pleased to continue to provide more and more information – information that companies need in order to make informed decisions about implementing additive manufacturing into their supply chain.”

The Senvol Database is online and free for everyone to use! The specs? It contains very detailed information on over 350 machines and 500 materials and users can search the database with over 30 specific fields, depending on their hierarchy of prioritized characteristics.  In fact, the Senvol Database could be used to prioritize characteristics quickly and efficiently, depending on specific or unknown needs.

Having it around is a breath of fresh air, and using it leaves you with a very uncomplicated, disentangling type of feeling: For example, I searched for a machine that is compatible with steel, has a build envelope of at least 8x8x8 inches, and is priced below $500,000 and turned up sixteen different machines, from the M1 Cusing system from Concept Laser to the HRPM-II from Wuhan Binhu.

And there is more where that came from. Senvol’s community is continuing to grow because they respond to feedback and continuously incorporate new ideas to add new features to the expanding Senvol Database.  Anytime users have a comment, suggestion, or idea, please email [email protected], and I encourage readers to follow them on Twitter @Senvol.