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Frustum updates TrueSOLID generative design platform for 3D

2018 3D Printing Industry Awards nominee Frustum Inc. has released the latest edition of its generative design platform TrueSOLID™. Working alongside traditional CAD software, such as Siemens NX and Siemens SolidEdge, TrueSOLID™ helps designers and engineers optimize digital models for additive manufacturing, milling and casting.

A part in development using TrueSOLID™ generative design. Image via Frustum
A part in development using TrueSOLID™ generative design. Image via Frustum

The power of nature

Generative design is currently a hot topic in additive manufacturing as engineers finally have a tool to fabricate complex and previously “impossible” objects. Many designs are taking on a biomimetic approach, harnessing the unparalleled power of nature in traditionally inorganic structures.

At SOLIDWORKS World 2018, Desktop Metal exhibited a demo of its upcoming generative design platform Live Parts. nTopology’s Element software is also a generative technology.

3D optimized parts in a fraction of the time

With elements of topology optimization, simulation and pre-programmed configurations, TrueSOLID™ helps makes manufacture-ready parts “with optimally balanced performance, structural strength and weight in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take with CAD alone.”

Complex lattice configurations can be added to pre-made CAD structures using the technology’s Geometry Kernel feature. Designers can then work with the lattice to achieve the desired strength of part at a reduced weight (and resulting cost).

Through the Simulation Framework, users can identify potential problems in a product’s design before they occur, and gain a precise presentation of the part’s appearance and performance when manufactured.

Simulation Framework in TrueSOLID™. Image via Frustum
Simulation Framework in TrueSOLID™. Image via Frustum

A single-click solution

Multi-part assembly optimization, new optimization modes and
more Kernel-integrated mesostructures have been added in the latest edition of TrueSOLID™ software.

Jesse Coors-Blankenship, CEO and Founder of Frustum, explains, “The TrueSOLID volumetric geometry kernel was designed to be a fundamental component of next generation 3D design software and to enable design for additive manufacturing.”

“Moving towards a single-click solution for product design, our technology grants engineers and designers the freedom to reimagine how parts can be designed for a new generation of complex products made with 3D manufacturing.”

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Featured image shows a metal 3D printed wrench demonstrating the blend between lattices and traditional CAD. Photo via Frustum