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The Foundery – a new Baltimore Makerspace

The Foundery, a new makerspace has recently opened in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s been open for about three weeks now, and aside from having 3D printing facilities, it also boasts a CNC plasma cutting system and an abrasive waterjet (which cuts through 10 inches of aluminum with water. With water!). Lasers, woodshop, weldingshop, metalshop; this space has it all.



About The Foundery

Opened by Jason Dee Hardbeck, Jess Goldfinger, Audrey Van De Castle, Corey Fleischer and Sam Salvati, the space cost them over one million US dollars to get up and running with all the equipment. They built most of their dream workshop themselves-the workspaces, benches and tables. The founders also installed all the equipment themselves.

Like most Makerspaces, the guys want to “teach you to fish” rather than just building things for you, however they will on occasion do just that, for a price. You can find all their membership fees and class prices here.

Jason and Corey were recently interviewed by 98 Rock, a local radio station, and provided them with a shower beer holder made by them in The Foundery.


Yes, those are shot glasses, for when a shower beer is just not enough.

Turning thinkers into doers

The Foundery is located in City Garage, Baltimore’s space for the entrepreneurial community to gather, collaborate and succeed. It is full of cool startup companies making everything from handbags to skateboards, and The Foundery hopes to help these companies with their prototypes. They describe their space as “the ultimate workshop”. With Under Armour’s advanced manufacturing facility “Lighthouse” next door to The Foundery, City Garage is a hub for makers of all kinds.

The Foundery boasts classes in 3D printing introduction, welding, blacksmithing, embroidery, sewing and so much more, so if you’re in the Baltimore area definitely go and check them out.


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