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Flexible 3D Printing Material NinjaFlex Launches New Website And Adds Metallic Colours

NinjaFlex is launching a new website and expanding the available colours for its line of 3D printing materials with Metallic Silver available now, and Metallic Gold coming on line in October.

Fenner Drives’ ultra-flexible 3D printing material NinjaFlex has been a hit since it debuted last year, and the amount of available colours has only continued to grow. Once the new Gold metallic colour joins the currently available Silver, NinjaFlex will be available in a total of 11 colours. The rest of the available varieties are Snow, Fire, Midnight, Sapphire, Lava, Flamingo, Grass, Sun and the semi-transparent Water.

gold silver ninjaflex 3d printing filament

“After the success of the colours introduced last February, we are even more excited to see what the new metallic colours will inspire our customers to create,” said NinjaFlexproduct manager Erica Fingar.

For North Americans each metallic colour of NinjaFlex is available in 1.75mm .50kg spools for $51.99 and 3mm .75kg spools for $64.99. NinjaFlex is manufactured and shipped from within the US, and it is stocked and shipped internationally from the UK. It can be used with most 3D printers that use FDM/FFF technology with a direct drive extruder. And even if your 3D printer doesn’t have that style of extruder, there are ways to make it work.

NinjaFlex is a thermoplastic elastomer 3D printer filament that has a low melt temperature, however once it hardens it is extremely durable and easily retains its final shape. As you can see from this promotional video it completely bounces back after being crushed, while poor ABS… well there is no need to talk about what happens to crushed ABS.

ninjaflex shoe 3d printingThe high flexibility and durability of NinjaFlex has made it very popular among the 3D printing maker community. It has been used in projects as diverse as a wearable Oculus Rift headset, a life-sized Alien Xenomorph suit, light-up cyberpunk spikes, and it was even used to help create a 3D printed exoskeleton. To capitalize on this versatility and to help new users become inspired Fenner Drives launched a new NinjaFlex website at the beginning of this month.

flexible watchstrap ninjaflex filament 3d printing“We wanted to provide our customers with the depth of technical information their projects require as well as tips on achieving optimal prints with NinjaFlex,” Fingar continued. “Our new site will provide those helpful resources as well as a platform for sharing ideas and insights.”

The new website hosts high quality pictures of completed prints, videos of NinjaFlex in action, and case studies and project ideas to inspire makers of all skill levels. Users can submit their own projects, seek advice on future prints, comment and critique other users prints and share ideas.

Since its debut, NinjaFlex has pretty consistently been used in some of the most complex and interesting 3D projects that I’ve seen. Personally I can’t wait to see what the community does with the new metallic colours.