Adafruit Shows You How To 3D Print a Comfortable Oculus Rift

3D-printed-VR-headset-from-adafruit gifTwo very different materials, Ninjaflex and PLA, are combined in a DIY wearable HD monitor project by Adafruit. By 3D printing a rigid frame and a soft, comfortable hood for the their visor, Adafruit has created one of the most complete and affordable VR headsets around.

The entire project will require a $149.95 5.6” display, a $39.95 9-DOF IMU Breakout, a $22,95 Arduino Micro board, a $4.95 HDMI cable (all available directly from the Adafruit shop), along with a 50 mm 5x Aspheric lens (available from eBay for $12.95), for a grand total of just a little over $200.

adafruit 3d printed vr goggles parts png

3dmodel oculus rift animated .gifThe 3D printing itself will require you to have access to a 3D printer and the two filaments (you can get Ninjaflex right on Adafruit’s shop as well)  to create a 4 piece design that will be secured with machine screws, together with the other electronic and optical components. To print in multiple materials a dual extruder is not required. Just set the Z layer height to stop at 30 mm before switching the material to NInjaflex

The 3D models necessary can be downloaded for free from Thingiverse, as with just about all of Adafruit’s 3D printing projects. The link on the Adafruit page was not working when I visited it but a quick search on MakerBot’s free 3D models network will yield the desired result. You can also find the complete instructions here on a 2D printable PDF.

Facebook and Oculus Rift better hurry up in launching the final version of their 4 billion dollar VR goggles or, by the time they go into mass production, everyone will be making their own.