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Fleks3D is Back on Kickstarter with More 3D Print Removal Options

As almost anyone with an FFF 3D printer can attest, finding the right printing surface has been the bane of my existence. Whether it’s getting prints to stick properly, remove cleanly, or print without significant warping, the surface has always been an issue. Like many others, I’ve tried everything from slurry to hairspray, kapton tape to special borosilicate glass, yet the problems persist (though mostly with ABS). Fleks3D has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product that may very well be the solution to my woes.FLEKS3D 3d printing buildplate removal

On the heels of a very successful Kickstarter campaign a year ago, Flecks3D has launched yet another, this time with many more options. An add-on for any 3D printer, Fleks3D is can solve two of the most common problems with FFF printers. The first problem is removing prints. Fleks3D is a flexible plate which can be easily removed from a printer and, once removed, can be flexed back and forth for easy print separation. This solves the problem of print removal, which can be an arduous process. Additionally, Fleks3D comes with a textured surface, which they say allows for easy adhesion to the plate, without the need for hairspray, slurry or tape.

fleks3D system for 3D printing print removal

Their first Kickstarter campaign led to over 500 units being shipped all over the world to very good reviews. This time, Fleks3D is offering a few different options, including a number of different sizes for a variety of printers, including delta machines. Additionally, they are offering two types of plates. The Fleks3D “System” consists of a permanent frame that serves as a print border and a plate that can be easily removed. While this takes a tiny bit of space away from the build area, it allows for easy removal and the ability to quickly swap plates in for better workflow. The Fleks3D “Simple” consists of one plate that can be attached to a printer with binder clips.

According to the creators, Fleks3D “Makes 3D Printing Easier, with a higher success rate and provides a smoother workflow.” If Flecks3D works as advertised, I’m inclined to believe them. The first Kickstarter campaign was a success and it has received great review, so I’m looking forward to trying this out. For more information, check out the Kickstarter here.