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FlashForge launches the Creator 3 Pro 3D printer – technical specifications

China-based 3D printer manufacturer FlashForge has launched its new Creator 3 Pro 3D printer.

Intended as a successor to the previously released Creator 3, the professional-grade desktop IDEX system comes equipped with a whole host of feature upgrades that make it worthy of attention. As well as offering a revamped extruder configuration, new leveling sensors, and other quality of life features, the Creator 3 Pro is here to serve as one of FlashForge’s highest performance machines, even enabling carbon fiber 3D printing.

The system is primarily aimed at universities, engineering firms, and design studios, although other more tech-savvy users can also make use of the plethora of advanced functionality. The Creator 3 Pro is best used for functional prototyping and low-volume end-use production for almost any sector.

The FlashForge Creator 3 Pro. Photo via FlashForge.
The FlashForge Creator 3 Pro. Photo via FlashForge.

FlashForge: a legacy of reliable desktop 3D printing

Founded back in 2011, FlashForge is synonymous with reliable desktop FFF 3D printing, and now offers one of the most extensive printer portfolios in the market space. The company’s product line caters to everyone from budget-conscious hobbyists to professional engineers and manufacturing SMEs.

For those looking for ease of use and accessibility, the Adventurer 3 and Adventurer 4 are a set of budget-friendly offerings with cost-efficiency in mind. Alternatively, the Creator range is for those seeking a little more punch with larger build volumes and dual extruders as standard. This line of printers includes the Creator Max, Creator Max 2, Creator Pro 2, and most recently, the Creator 4.

The Creator 3 Pro 3D printer

Much like many of FlashForge’s 3D printers, the Creator 3 Pro is designed with robustness and performance in mind. With an enclosed build chamber and a 300 x 250 x 200mm print volume, the system has enough in the tank to fuel most large part production projects. With the IDEX setup, users will also be able to utilize both extruders at the same time. This enables dual-material parts, as well as duplicate and mirror builds for double the production throughput.

One of the most noteworthy upgrades here is the new integrated extruder and heating assembly design, enabling a more comprehensive heating action in the printheads. The new design is also modularized in its heating, meaning the extruder can be disassembled and maintained much more easily. Additionally, FlashForge has integrated a new dual-fan system into the Creator 3 Pro’s printheads, which allows for finer control of the cooling profile for higher quality prints, especially with high-performance filaments.

The nozzle is also now detachable, enabling users to easily substitute out the default 0.4mm nozzle for either a 0.6mm or 0.8mm one. The firm is even offering carbon steel nozzle options for those that would like to print carbon fiber composite parts. Finally, the printhead’s sensor setup has been adjusted to improve the auxiliary bed leveling process, both in terms of success rates and accuracy.

Comparing the machine to the original Creator 3, the heating elements in the build plate have also been enhanced to increase the heating speed of the platform by 500%. Now it only takes around three minutes to fully heat the bed to 110°C. As a bonus, the Creator 3 Pro comes complete with a flexible magnetic steel print bed for improved part adhesion and easier part removal.

On the electronics side, FlashForge has included a new upgraded second-generation control chip for smoother three-axis operation. There’s a 4.3” full-color touchscreen on the front, a filament runout sensor, and even a built-in camera for remote build monitoring. Connectivity options include USB, Wi-Fi, and ethernet, and users can be sure of a comfortable indoor printing experience thanks to the HEPA13 Air Filter.

Technical specifications

Below are the technical specifications for the Creator 3 Pro 3D printer. Readers interested in purchasing the system can request a quote for the Creator 3 Pro here.

ExtrudersTwo (IDEX)
Build volume300 x 250 x 200mm
Nozzle diameter0.4/0.6/0.8mm
Print speedUp to 150mm/s
Max nozzle temperature320°C
Max bed temperature120°C

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Featured image shows the FlashForge Creator 3 Pro. Photo via FlashForge.