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Fisher Unitech Will Engage SolidWorks 2015 at their Second Annual Design Excellence Forum

IT services and products provider Fisher/Unitech has announced its second annual Design Excellence Forum. The forum will take place throughout October in eleven locations throughout the Midwest and Northeast of the US.

The 2014 Design Excellence Forum is a day long event that offers presentations and lectures covering topics as diverse as 3D mechanical CAD enhancements, conceptual design with cloud-based collaboration, unified electronic design, improved simulation techniques, advanced 3D printing for product development and data management.

def 2013 3d printingAdditionally the Forum will feature a reveal of the new SolidWorks 2015 software, including in depth discussion of what is new, how it will change your existing workflow and design process and new ways to apply it to your business. SolidWorks is one of the most popular 3D CAD software suites on the market today with over 1.5 million licenses sold to engineers all over the world.

The month long series of forums will kick off on October 1st in Kansas City and wrap up on October 29th in Providence, Rhode Island. The Design Excellence Forum is completely free and anyone is welcome to attend, however you will need to register first. You can find the registration pages for each individual event here, and here is a list of all eleven forum dates and cities:

Kansas City, KS 10/1/2014
St. Louis, MO 10/3/2014
Cleveland, OH 10/7/2014
Cincinnati, OH 10/9/2014
Chicago, IL 10/14/2014
Milwaukee, WI 10/16/2014
Fort Wayne, IN 10/20/2014
Troy, MI 10/22/2014
Grand Rapids, MI 10/24/2014
Boston, MA 10/28/2014
Providence, RI 10/29/2014

“Our Design Excellence Forum will give end-users and executives alike a viewpoint of how today’s most innovative technologies are being used by manufacturers to compete in the global economy,” said Fisher/Unitech CEO Charlie Hess.

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Fisher/Unitech offers software and hardware solutions for manufacturing businesses and is one of the largest resellers of the SolidWorks suite of design software products as well as the complete line of Stratasys 3D printers and products. The Design Excellence Forum is sponsored by HP, SolidWorks’ parent company Dassault Systemes and, of course, Stratasys.