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Finding New Artistic Expression with 3D Printing & Project: Materialize

With Project: Materialize, Taiwanese manufacturer Atom seeks to showcase 3D printing in a different light. Their goal is to demonstrate the artistic potential of the technology and that it’s not simply a “cold” technology. According to Atom, they “seek to collaborate with artists and designers of all kinds to show how 3D printing can enhance self-expression for anyone.”

Sydney Sie 3D printed artwork for Cults and Atom

The first artist being promoted through this project is photographer Sydney Sie. Sie describes her work as being “rife with gradient color, optical illusion and everything about feminine.” She goes on to say that she wants her “works to be bright but eerie, and include aspects of graphic that particularly interest my such as colour. I like to capture surreal moments, but those moments or atmospheres I created through different analogue and, or digital approaches.”

Sydney Sie 3D printed artwork for Cults and Atom Project Materialize

Sie’s work is definitely unique and takes full advantage of 3D printing. The pieces use a variety of 3D printed objects photographed in ways that add depth and a three-dimensional element to the photographs. In all, she has produced 3 unique and interesting pieces of artwork. There is “David’s Garden”, which as the title might suggest, uses the head of Michelangelo’s David as its centerpiece amidst a sea of plants. “Cosmic Topography” has a space theme and incorporates a model moon, rover, rocket ship, and astronaut. And, finally, there is “Music Maker” which mixes a number of actual musical devices like microphones, keyboards and speakers with 3D printed objects. The pieces are abstract and unique, taking advantage of 3D printing not only to produce the objects, but also using one of FDM printing’s flaws as a strength. Currently, most FDM printers are limited to 1-2 colors and this would seemingly place severe limitations on artists. Sie, however, embraces this limitation, using unique shapes and a variety of colors for each object to really make the colors pop. Each of Sie’s three projects are available on 3D printables marketplace Cults and the 3D models can be downloaded for free.

Sydney Sie 3D printed artwork for Cults and Atom Project Materialize THREE PICS

All of the 3D printed parts were printed using the Atom 2.0 Delta printer. Sold by Taiwanese company, Atom, the 2.0 is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign. With a solid aluminum frame, modular design, triple fan system, and the ability to easily swap extruders, the Atom 2.0 is a significant improvement to its predecessor and one of the best desktop delta printers on the market today.

atom 2.0 delta 3D printer

While this is not the first time that we’ve seen 3D printing being used to promote an artistic endeavor, it’s great to see Atom promoting the use of their awesome Atom 2.0 Delta printer for artistic purposes and artists like Sydney Sie who are able to fully utilize its capabilities. For more information on Sydney Sie check out her website SydneySie.com. For more information on Project: Materialize, check out the Facebook page.