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Filming a 3D Printing Revolution

Many, including the man himself, describe Brian Federal as a “Creative”. Well, he is, but he is also a great deal more than that too. Among his many interests and talents, Brian has developed a keen interest in 3D printing and in tracking the impact the technology is having on the world. His fascination with the technology and his great talent as a film maker have seen him combine the two as he brings to life a thoughtful and comprehensive documentary film entitled “3D Printing Revolution” that will ultimately be accessible to Everyman.

Brian is a couple of years into his journey and has explored the many different perspectives of 3D printing — its origins, its applications, the communities and the companies involved. He told me: “The film takes a look at this amazing technology and the Engineers, Designers and Creatives that are driving it forward today. ‘3D Printing Revolution’ is intended as an educational as well as an entertaining film and will give the average person a rare look into the fascinating world of Digital Manufacturing. There is a lot of hype — and confusion — about 3D printing these days and what it can do now and will do in the future; but the intention of this film is to provide a realistic look at where this technology is today.

“We all owe a great deal of gratitude to the Engineers and Designers that have been working tirelessly in the trenches for years to develop this technology. Speculation on the future of 3D Printing is left up to the viewer to decide (or create themselves). The power of cheap unlimited computer resources, combined with excellent CAD software and digital scanning, sets the stage for an explosion of creativity as well as a revolution in how we manufacture and distribute goods and I believe that 3D printing will be used extensively in this new era of mass customization where one size fits one.

“What we are seeing is the birth of mankind being capable of manifesting the physical out of the virtual. I think a statement by Chris Anderson, once Chief Editor of Wired Magazine (who now runs a robotics company) sums this story up best: ‘Atoms are the new Bits.’”

Brian has released a snapshot interview he conducted with Scott Summit who is pioneering the use of high-end 3D printing technology for customized prosthetics. This interview (which can be seen below) will be included in the final “3D Printing Revolution” film.

Scott Summit Interview

And in an exclusive for 3DPI, Brian has released a second interview that will be included in his documentary, this time with Assa Ashuach. Assa’s design talent is phenomenal and his work with 3D design tools and 3D printing technology is having a significant influence on how people work and interact between the digital and the physical worlds. Take a look at the video below.

Assa Ashuach Interview

The full film, which is currently in editing ahead of a funding round this summer, also includes interviews with some of the 3D printing industry’s biggest proponents and include Bre Pettis (Makerbot), Dale Dougherty (Maker Faire/ O’Reilly Media/ Make Magazine), Paola Antonelli (MOMA), Ping Fu (Geomagic/3D Systems), Jason Lopes (Legacy Effects), Keith Murphy (Organovo), Chris Anderson, Carl Bass (Autodesk), Phill Dickens, Markus Kayser, Abe Reichental (3D Systems), Robert Schouwenburg, Erik DeBruijn (Ultimaker) and Adrian Bowyer (RepRap).

Can hardly wait ….

Videos courtesy of Prana Communications.

About Brian Federal

Brian Federal is the proprietor of two companies: Prana Communications and Innovative GlasDesign. He was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and became interested in glass while working at his father’s commercial glass business where his primary role was drawing architectural blue prints.  Brian has a degree in Design with a special focus on decorative architectural Glass and Metal. He works with a wide variety of materials and techniques, including 3D printing. He is also a keen photographer and film maker.