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Engineering Firm CRP Takes Space at the Upcoming Maker Faire in NYC

My rule number 2 working in the 3D printing industry (#1 is never, EVER, say never!) is to avoid being categorical in my opinions — I form them, usually I believe in them, I quite often share them, but I have learned to not be closed off to the fact that I could be, and often am, wrong. This is because there are so many evolutionary pathways for 3D printing that generalized opinions will invariably never cover them all. Things change so fast and on every level across the industry landscape that while considered opinions are useful for perspective and debating — both in the moment, and for the future — they are hardly ever 100% right. Just last week I was of the opinion that the age-old dichotomy between designers and engineers was unlikely to ever be comprehensively bridged. And just yesterday a press release lands on my desk that challenges that opinion, at least in part and offers hope. This comes in the form of a missive from Italian 3D printing material developer and service provider, CRP Group, announcing its presence at the upcoming Maker Faire in NYC. My jaw dropped, I’ll be honest, because this is a high-end engineering company embracing the maker space.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there is plenty of cross-over between the industrial sector and the maker movement — for many what they do for their day jobs often informs what they do as a hobby and beyond, but at a smaller scale. I have met many people across the years with a foot in both camps. However, what occurs much less frequently, is one of the high end companies embracing the maker space and looking for traction in that space. It’s great to see.

generative orthoses 3d printing

CRP Group’s speciality has long been in the development of high-performance laser sintering materials, most notably the Windform range. The company has been working in this area since 1996 when it also started offering services based on its in-house R&D and 3D printing capabilities. Based in Italy, CRP Group offers it additive manufacturing services worldwide and incorporates the American firm CRP USA which works with a range of organizations across many vertical sectors including marine, medical devices and aerospace.

From 20 to 21 September, when New York’s Science Hall will host the 2014 Maker Faire, visitors will be able to gain more insight into this global company. CRP Group will be demonstrating many exhibits that are likely to gain interest from the maker crowds, including the Energica Ego electric superbike, CubeSats components as well as a variety of customised orthoses and an innovative tennis racket grip designed by students at the University of Rimini’s Fine Art Academy.