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Dynamo3D Announces the new ‘Lightning Fast’ D3D One Evo 3D Printer

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Dynamo3D has announced its plans to debut its next 3D printer — the D3D One Evo — at September’s 3D PrintShow in London. The 3D printer includes some exciting upgrades to the new model, but unfortunately they kept the ugly paint jobs.

The original D3D One 3D Printer was only released a few months ago and is still a pretty good machine for the price, about $1500. But apparently Dynamo3D didn’t think it was good enough because they’ve already created a second 3D printer with a few significant upgrades. After working closely with Danish 3DP component manufacturer Create It Real the new printer called the D3D One Evo turns up the volume on just about every aspect of its predecessor.

png D3D Evo 3D Printer 3D Printing Industry

One of the major changes includes a larger build platform of 240mm x 240mm x 250mm (9.44in x 9.44in x 9.84in) which of course brings with it a larger machine footprint. The original D3D One had a build platform of only 210mm x 210mm x 200mm so that’s a noticeable jump in printing space.

Technical support will also get a boost with the addition of a remote diagnostic system. If the user has any difficulties using the printer they can send an email to Dynamo3D with data collected by a chip on the motherboard. This will provide a greater amount of technical information to their engineers than a typical user would be able to supply, allowing for more effective technical support.

The biggest upgrade on the D3D One Evo, however, is the extremely fast print speed. The new components reportedly allow you to print models up to 400mm/s, while the previous – and most 3D printers on the market – print at 300mm/s. Travel speed is a blistering 700mm/s. That is a really fast 3D printer. Take a look at the video below which gives a side by side comparison of both printing the same 3D model:

In case you missed it, the Evo printed the same model in 17:36 minutes that it took the original to print in 1:08:03 which sounds pretty incredible. Until you watch the video again and see how much the build platform shakes around once the printing speed is cranked up to high gear. I really don’t see how that’s not going to negatively affect the print quality of anything but the simplest of 3D printed parts.

The other upgrade seems to be the price. There was no word of a final retail cost, however the D3D One Evo 3D Printer will be available for pre-order at the 3D Print Show London for $2500, so expect retail to be a few hundred above that. There is also no word if you’ll be able to buy one without a paint job reminiscent of the free clipart that you get with the purchase of MicroSoft Word 98, but we’ll find out in September.