Divergent3D partners with SLM Solutions to scale up 3D printed car production

Los Angeles company Divergent3D, the creator of the Blade 3D printed supercar, has entered a strategic partnership with German metal 3D printing group SLM Solutions.

One of leading metal additive OEMs, SLM Solutions, will be working with Divergent “to develop specific hardware and software that will accelerate scaling of the patented Divergent Manufacturing Platform™ for cost-effective, high-volume production of vehicles.”

While Divergent3D was responsible the world’s first 3D printed supercar, the company is considerably more concerned with manufacturing sustainable automobiles. The Divergent Manufacturing Platform intends to revolutionize the way cars are produced, utilizing 3D printing as a viable solution to environmental problems rather than simply a marketing gimmick.

The Divergent Blade with SLM Solutions 3D printer in the background. Image via Business Wire.
The Divergent Blade with SLM Solutions 3D printer in the background. Image via Business Wire.

Divergent Manufacturing Platform™

3D Printing Industry has covered the Divergent manufacturing process in detail. In summary the company aim to reduce emissions threefold in comparison to conventional manufacturing of electric cars.

Divergent3D believes their manufacturing process addresses environmental concerns differently to other automotive manufacturers. Since, other automotive companies currently look towards the creation of cars that use cleaner fuels rather than evaluating the manufacturing processes for the cars and fuels themselves.

We interviewed Divergent CEO Kevin Czinger last year. In that interview, Czinger discusses the Divergent manufacturing process and how the company intends, “to work with major OEMs to commercialize the Divergent Manufacturing Platform™.” This ‘Strategic Development Partnership’ with SLM Solutions is an example of progress in the right direction.

Graphic showing the emissions of auto manufacturing. Image via Divergent 3D.
Graphic showing the emissions of auto manufacturing. Image via Divergent 3D.

Scaling up

Speaking about this announcement, Kevin Czinger, Founder and CEO of Divergent 3D said,

SLM Solutions Group is a powerful, long-term strategic partner for Divergent 3D, working with us to provide 3D metal printing hardware and software specific to the Divergent Manufacturing Platform™. We believe that this will transform the way vehicle structures are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled.

German SLM Solutions is well aware of the potential for their technology and is already addressing the automotive market with the creation of 3D printed tire molds. The company will see this partnership furthering their foothold in the automotive industry. As Hans-Joachim Ihde, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Founder of SLM Solutions Group, says

By working together with Divergent, we can help to provide manufacturers with the tools to build more profitable, innovative and environmentally sustainable vehicles while dramatically reducing manufacturing capital cost and providing almost unlimited design flexibility.

Accelerating production

With this new partnership, Divergent3D will be shifting their manufacturing up a gear and are primed to do so following recent funding. Earlier this year the North American company received $23 million in the first round of venture capital funding.

The car manufacturers will also use their partnership with the PSA group, who own Peugeot and Citroen, to guide their investment to best use.

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Featured image shows the 3D printed chassis of the Divergent Blade supercar. Image via Business Wire.