Metal 3D printing company SLM Solutions reports revenue of $86 million, 22% increase in sales

SLM Solutions Group AG (FRA:AM3D) has reported headline financial information ahead of the full release of FY2016 financial returns at the end of this month.

This preliminary report shows SLM Solution beat expectations, based upon their adjusted revenue range for FY 2016, with total revenue of €80.7 million. The Lübeck-based company are a leader in metal additive manufacturing and was the target of a takeover bid by GE last year. Prior full year revenue was €66.1 million.

Titanium aerospace blades produced by Sintavia on an SLM 280HL Machine from SLM Solutions. Image via Sintavia.
Titanium aerospace blades produced by Sintavia on an SLM 280HL Machine from SLM Solutions. Image via Sintavia.

The company reports revenue in two segments: selling laser melting systems and after sales. Today’s results show that 86.3% of revenue is attributable to sales, with the remainder comprising service revenues, sales of replacement parts and merchandise.

Increased orders during 2016

During 2016 SLM Solutions took order for 130 machines, an increase on the prior year figure of 102. As at year end the company’s order book stood at €80 million (2015: €61 million). According to SLM Solutions the increase reflects, “a higher rate of increase than the number of machines ordered due to the higher-value product mix”

On today’s results Uwe Bögershausen, CFO, said

2016 was characterised by extraordinary events, and ultimately fell short of our expectations. But at the same time we also see that general interest in our technology has risen significantly. Additive manufacturing has now become quite mature and is finding its natural place alongside classic manufacturing processes. Its industrial relevance is beyond question – and not just in a few niches, but in the main.

Board member Henner Schöneborn added,

We continue to be very well positioned on the market with our multi-laser technology and aim to seize the opportunities on offer to us within this dynamic environment. With a look to 2017, we consequently expect to return to the previous years’ strong growth. Cost and sales growth are to remain in a healthy relationship with each other in this context.

The full annual report will be published on March 30, 2017 and 3D Printing Industry will bring you more information as we have it. To be the first with all the latest news about metal additive manufacturing, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our active social media accounts.

Featured image shows SLM Solutions fabricated castle. Photo by Michael Petch.