3D printing solutions provider Sciaky Inc., based in Chicago, Illinois, is to provide its first trademark electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) system to the Asia-Pacific region. The system is designed to make large-scale and high-value metal parts in materials ranging from nickel and copper, to aerospace-grade titanium and incolonel 718.

Sciaky’s Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM™) Solution. Clip via: SciakyInc on Youtube

The Sciaky EBAM 110 system has been ordered by an anonymous supplier in Japan. It is due to be delivered in January 2018, and will be used to ensure the company remain on the cutting edge of manufacturing progress. Metal additive manufacturing services will be offered to the company’s existing customer base, and the technology will be used to accelerate product development internally.

From airplanes to submarines

Multinational airplane manufacturers Airbus, headquartered in Toulouse, France, is also in an existing agreement with Sciaky. The same EBAM 110 System has been used to make titanium spar parts for the internal structure of airplane wings.

EBAM manufactured upper spar part for the wing of an Airbus plane. Photo via Sciacky Inc.

EBAM made upper spar part for the wing of an Airbus plane. Photo via Sciacky Inc.

In January 2017, Sciaky were also contracted to make a titanium ballast tank for a submarine. The part was used in the construction of an Arctic Explorer AUV by International Submarine Engineering Ltd. based in Canada. The submarine will undergo open sea trails in summer 2017, and will be delivered to the University of Tasmania for a new specialist AUV facility.

One of ISE's AUV submarines. Image via International Submarine Engineering.

One of ISE’s AUV submarines. Image via International Submarine Engineering.

In relation to this order from a Japanese supplier Bob Phillips, Vice President of Marketing for Sciaky, Inc., comments,

Sciaky is excited to work with this forward-thinking company. This is an historic milestone for the metal 3D printing market in that it will offer manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region an opportunity to take advantage of EBAM’s one-of-a-kind capabilities.

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Featured image shows the Sciaky 110 EBAM System to be delivered to a Japanese supplier, January 2017. Photo via Sciaky Inc.