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3D printed prosthesis company integrates specialist 3D design software for clinicians

Create O&P, headquartered in Lake Placid, NY, is a provider of 3D printed therapeutic devices, such as orthotic insoles and prosthetic arms. In an agreement with Vorum CAD/CAM software developers in Vancouver, the compnay is integrating Canfit orthotic and prosthetic 3D design software into their services.

British Paralympic Gold medallist Corie Mapp wears custom made 3D printed leg covers. Photo via Create O&P
British Paralympic Gold medallist Corie Mapp wears custom made 3D printed leg covers. Photo via Create O&P

Advantages of the Vorum Canfit software include an inbuilt tool to overlay X-rays and images, and an ability to preview how the device will print. Such tools are invaluable to medical professionals providing personalized treatment to patients.

Jeff Erenstone, CEO of Create O&P comments,

3-D printed devices are better because they provide faster design than traditional plaster-based methods, are completely quantifiable, are completely adjustable and are completely reproducible

One piece of the complete solution

The Canfit 3D design software is part of a complete design-to-3D-print package launched by Create A&P for clinicians. Erenstone adds,

The addition of Vorum’s Canfit software adds a new element to our package that allows prosthetists to design their own custom devices. This software is used by thousands of clinicians worldwide because of its ease of use and customer support. We are proud to offer Canfit to our 3D printing system customers.

In addition to a year subscription to Vorum’s Canfit Software, Create O&P provide a Create 3400 3D printer, a 3D scanner and ready made custom designs. There is also additional technical support and training to ensure the clinicians have all the knowledge they need to get started.

A software training session for clinicians. Photo via Vorum
A software training session for clinicians. Photo via Vorum

Bringing 3D printed medical devices in-house

This integration of specialist orthotic and prosthetic design software follows a trend the in the 3D printing industry. UK-based engineering company Renishaw have launched their own ADEPT project software specifically for surgeons to design patient specific plates and surgical guides.

There is also a desire for specific training in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) as expressed in by Jonathan Schroeder, President of large-scale 3D printer manufacturers 3D Platform, in our interview with him in February 2017.

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Featured image shows 3D printed prostheses and leg covers. Photo via Create O&P

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