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Digital Natives – 3D Printed Art With a Twist

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is a renowed experimental artist with a passion for designing and producing objects in creative new ways. One of these innovative roads to imaginative artistry is 3D printing, which Matthew has utilised when developing his new collection — Digital Natives.

Ordinary everyday things — such as toys and bottles — are used as the basis for the designs. Each object is 3D scanned with a digital camera. Once the complete scan is successfully uploaded to the computer, specialised algorithms are then applied to take the ordinary out of these aforementioned objects — as each one is transformed into something spectacular through a process of digital distortion. As such, the process’s basic steps bear a strong resemblance to the generative design process we covered earlier here on 3D Printing Industry. However, what makes Matthew’s approach particularly distinctive from other similar design strategies is his bold usage of colours, which you can feast your eyes on in the gallery below.

[nggallery id=7]

But could there be something even better than looking at the colourful images of distorted, yet beautiful creations through your screen? Well, looking at them live with your own eyes of course, which will soon be possible as Matthew’s creations will be on dispaly in the upcoming 3D Print Show in London next weekend.

Source & Images: Plummer-Fernandez – Digital Natives