3D Printing

The Degenerate Chair Generated from Plaster, Sugar and Sake

There have been quite a few 3D printed chairs on 3DPI: the Solid C2 chair that was added to the Stedelijk Museum, the ergonomical cellular loop chair, the redesigned Eames chair, and the Diavolo chair, just to name a few.  Daniel Widrig’s “The Degenerate Chair”, however, is the first 3D printed chair to be made from plaster, sugar and sake. 

3D Printing 3D Printed Daniel Widrig The Degenerate Chair

Using a low-cost 3D printing method, the artist was able to take his original CAD design for a gnarly looking stool and print it with a combination of plaster, sugar and rice wine.  The materials he chose ultimately cut down on cost, compared with other large-scale 3D printing methods, according to design boom.  The Degenerate Chair was commissioned by the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain (FRAC) Center’s Naturalizing Architecture exhibition in Orleans, France. His work will be on display at the the centre until March 30.

3D Printing 3D Printed Daniel Widrig The Degenerate Chair

This isn’t the first 3D-printed piece Widrig has made, nor is it even the first piece of 3D printed furniture he’s come up with. We previously wrote about a wearable sculpture Widrig printed, but the artist also designed a glass table with titanium legs made from selective laser melting. In fact, you might think of Daniel Widrig as a high-art Maker, previously employing CNC milling to create an elegant chair.

Daniel Widrig 3D Printing Table

The Degenerate Chair may utilize 3D printing’s ability to create complex shapes, but I think that this piece could have benefited from its ability to create comfort, as well.  And, c’mon! Look how easily it falls over!