3D Printing

CSIRO 3D Printed this Amazing Jewellery for Designer Caitlin Dubler in Titanium

titanium black 3D PrintingAustralian jewellery designer Caitlin Dubler had one of her striking designs 3D printed in titanium by CSIRO, an Australian scientific research organisation tasked with finding new ways to benefit Australia’s economic, social and community growth and prosperity. The titanium piece was just shown at Sydney Design Festival, and is set to be displayed at the Three Farm Makers Place Pop Up store this weekend.

Dubler has her own jewellery shop online, where she designs, 3D prints and sells her creations all over the world. Each piece is sculpted using CAD software and 3D printed in materials as diverse as Sterling silver, nylon and stainless steel. And now in titanium of course.

titanium nails 3d printingEach piece of jewellery is described by Dubler as a piece of wearable sculpture and is inspired by futuristic, architectural forms. Dubler has often heard her jewellery referred to as wearable Rorschach tests, as people often see different things in the abstract shapes and design. Her customers have seen masks, bones, a spaceship and even a moose.

I am fascinated with the potential for wearable sculpture and strongly believe in designing for the future,” says Dubler. “I try to avoid looking to traditional forms and practices, instead utilising innovation for something truly unique. I am greatly inspired by futuristic, architectural forms.”

titanium stand 3d printingDubler’s piece was 3D printed in titanium using Arcam electron beam melting (EBM) technology recently acquired by CSIRO and their 3D printing division, Lab 22. CSIRO wanted to highlight their new applications for titanium in an effort to encourage manufacturing growth in Australia. Currently Australia has about 40% of the world’s titanium ore and this new metal 3D printing process is the only method that they have to exploit that material. By spotlighting less expensive manufacturing processes and the wildly diverse businesses that can benefit from 3D printing – like Dubler’s online jewelry store – CSIRO hopes to develop a new australian titanium industry.

The 3D printed titanium necklace will be displayed at the Three Farm Maker Place pop up store that is set to open today. The pop up store will showcase the works of several leading Australian designers and makers. There will also be workshops and classes on 3D scanning, 3D printing, leather work and even a spinning clay wheel.