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Three Farm Opens New Maker Space In Sydney Australia

Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia based ThreeFarm ― a social design enterprise with a ‘vision of sustainable and ethical futures informed and encouraged by the principals of the next industrial revolution ― is opening its new venue, Makers Place this coming Friday. Makers Place is exactly as the name suggests — a maker space where new and traditional technology is accessible to the public and community members can learn, network, share concepts and create.

During the opening event Three Farm will be running free workshops introducing attendees to activities that can be undertaken at the maker space including 3D printing, 3D scanning, leather work, clay leather work and zine making. There will be a showcase of a range of work from leading Australian makers such as Grace Turtle’s Tinkertecture, CSIRO’s Titanium 3D printed objects, XYZ Workshop’s ‘In Bloom’ 3D printed dress and many more. This is to be followed by a DJ set and drinks to celebrate the opening.

The new Makers Place will reside along side existing workshops such as Tinker Class: Youth and General Public Workshops, which educate students in digital fabrication methods and the integration of these skills and technologies into their everyday life. The workshop includes Computer Aided Design, 3D printing, 3D scanning, Computer Numerical Control fabbing and Robotics.

threefarm Makers Place 3d printing

Also Tinkertecture: Product Design and Manufacturing in which ThreeFarm produces their own designs and products for implementation into their educational programs. These include geodesic domes structures that have been produced for specifically for the Tinkertecture series. The series itself ranges in scale from pocket sized construction toys to large scale shelters using upcycled two dimensional printing materials or ecoboard in conjunction with 3D printed joiners.

Makers Space is located in the Italian Forum shop 39, 19 – 23 Norton Street Leichhardt.