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Colorado’s Own 3D Printing Store Reaches the One Year Mark

Back in February of last year, Rachel covered the opening of Colorado’s first 3D printing store, aptly named the 3D Printing Store. The store, which houses MakerBot machines and a Stratasys uPrint, offers 3D printing and design services to any clientele that walks through its doors. Well, more than a year has passed since those doors were first opened and the 3D Printing Store is still thriving. To celebrate, the 3D Printing Store is hosting a one-year anniversary and open house Valentine’s Day weekend.

3d printing store openhouse
A photo from the store’s first open house.

The event will bring in past clients, neighbours and friends to feast on food from a local food truck while they regale stories about their printed projects. In addition to food and beverages, the 3D Printing Store will be raffling off one full-colour body scan and print. The store’s first inaugural open house had over 400 visitors in attendance. Since then, a video featuring the store (embedded below) by blogger, Carri Wilbanks, had more than 100,000 views on YouTube. So, hopefully, they’ll be able to top those numbers significantly at this, their one-year mark.

It’s interesting to read Rachel’s take on the store from almost a year ago. She was just then beginning to notice the importance of neighborhood 3D printing hubs and manufacturers to local markets and ecosystems. Since then, she’s witnessed the trend of individuals drawn to neighborhood 3D printing manufacturers and stores explode the world over.  If the 3D Printing Store can successfully incubate its 3D printing community in Denver, alongside Colorado’s own Lulzbot, we may be able to look at them as a case study depicting how the technology fits in with local populations. What happens with the 3D Printing Store may happen to different 3D printing hubs globally.

If you’re in the Denver area Saturday, February 15th from 1-4 pm, you should stop by and check it out. RSVP to the event here on Facebook. I won’t be able to make it because I live in California and that’s the date of my wife’s birthday. We’ll be going to the track to bet on the ponies!