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CGTrader integrates PolyPort encyption to protect 3D designs

CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace, is working to integrate PolyPort’s 3D asset prevention features on the CGTrader marketplace.

Buy with confidence

Currently buyers on CGTrader can receive refunds for a variety of reasons, while sellers cannot currently be assured that refunded assets are actually removed from a buyer’s possession. PolyPort integration allows buyers to view and edit models in a program of their choice before making a purchase, without the ability to save the model. The integration would allow CGTrader to void any returns due to model quality, missing files or incompatibility.  

Encrypted sandbox security

With PolyPort integration models on the CGTrader marketplace will have the option to be launched in the software of the user’s choice. The software chosen will be launched in an encrypted sandbox, preventing the user from making a usable copy of the model, as this PolyPort video demonstrates.

Viewing a model in Blender, the purple border means that Blender is running through PolyPort's encrypted sandbox. Image via PolyPort.
Viewing a model in Blender, the purple border means that Blender is running through PolyPort’s encrypted sandbox. Image via PolyPort.

The feature is something Dalia Lasaite, CEO of CGTrader, hopes will solve trust issues on either side of a purchase, and more broadly address the difficulty the industry faces protecting Intellectual Property, “we know how difficult it is to ensure IP rights are protected in all digital media. We are collaborating with PolyPort to see whether their technology could help us solve the issue in the exponentially growing 3D industry”.

There is also the  wider context of IP protection, and ensuring that 3D printed components for critical applications such as aerospace and medical are genuine. One potential solution is provided by InfraTrac. The US-based company add spectral signatures to 3D printed parts, these signatures can then be validated to ensure the component comes from a trusted supplier. InfraTrac are working with a number of companies, including Optomec, to develop these anti-counterfeiting measures.

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