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Sarah Coughlan
Sarah Coughlan
Sarah Coughlan is a journalist from South Africa living and working in London. She has written on a variety of topics since graduating from university in 2012. She is a regular blog writer for MyMiniFactory, writing about anything to do with 3D printing, from designer features to software tutorials. Inspired by what 3D printing is currently achieving and excited about where it will take the world in the future, she is passionate about bringing the technology to the public.

With 3D printing expanding into an array of industries, from the medicine to aviation, a number of different companies have been focusing on the education sector because, let's face it, children are the future and all that (plus t [...]

3D scanning is not new technology, but 3D scanners are not exactly the most affordable pieces of equipment to aid in your 3D printing ventures. In the last year, I’ve seen quite a few coming to market with promising results. iMakr [...]

3D printing is making strides in helping the blind and partially-sighted communities to 'see' the world around them in new and innovative ways. From simpler objects like 3D printed puzzles with Braille inscribed on them and charac [...]

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you find any reason to use your printer, whether you are printing a spare part for a kitchen appliance or an epic, wearable Stormtrooper helmet. So, when special holidays roll up, you jump at the chanc [...]