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Aurora Machine makes a deal with Vader Systems

Last week Aurora Machine solidified a deal with Buffalo based Father-Son owned company Vader Systems. They will be the first contract manufacturer worldwide to offer Vader’s revolutionary liquid metal 3D printing capabilities with their Mk1.

“This is an exciting day for our company, our region, and our growing relationship with Vader Systems,” said Jonathan Amoia, President of Aurora Machine.

Vader MK1

Vader has developed a liquid metal 3D printer that will be able to produce many aluminum parts that are currently machined with CNC mills and lathes. The initial Mk1 machine will significantly outperform existing metal printing technologies and will allow greater industry wide usage of additive manufacturing technology.

Aurora Machine

“Vader has developed a revolutionary machine that will radically change the metal manufacturing industry. With the Mk1, we will be able to not only produce our customers’ parts faster and more cost efficiently – with much less wasted material – but the Mk1 also opens up new design possibilities that will help our customers gain a competitive advantage. We were fortunate to meet the Vaders early on and position our growing company to be part of a very elite list of first run customers.” added Amoia.

Choosing Aurora Machine to collaborate with was an easy decision, said Scott Vader, co-founder and president of Vader Systems. “We were also impressed with the other clients they already had in their portfolio,” he said. “For being a fairly small shop they’ve been able to win good clients there that have high-quality demands, so that gave us some confidence.

“The difference is attitude. They were very excited about what we were doing and very open to new ideas and being responsive in terms of quick deliveries. That’s what makes a difference,” he added.

Rochester’s Aurora Machine will be taking delivery of the Mk1 in early 2017 and has begun working with existing customers on utilizing this cutting edge technology. Vader Systems will be featured at the International Manufacturing Technology Show’s Additive Manufacturing Pavilion from September 12 – 17 in Chicago.


About Aurora Machine

Aurora Machine specializes in fabricating custom, precision sheet metal and machined components for many leading advanced technology companies. With their broad range of in-house capabilities, they are a one-stop source for our customers. They take your plans and specifications from concept to completion—fast, smart, and right. Based in Rochester, N.Y., Aurora is proud to be a locally owned American manufacturer and employer. They continue to grow as the trend of ‘re-sourcing’ projects back to U.S. manufacturers gains steam.


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