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ARTFICIAL, BioBots and Lumi Representing 3D Printing at Pioneers Festival

Recently picking up more steam, the Pioneers Festival set to take place in Vienna next May 28th and 29th is one of Europe’s major conferences for promoting innovative ideas and businesses. Among the more than 1,600 start-ups from 90 countries that applied, 200 finalists were selected, with the possibility of being chosen as the 5 winners. Among them, there are four 3D printing start-ups: the digital art DNA platform ARTFICIAL, along with two manufacturers of very unique types of low-cost 3D printers: Lumi Industries and BioBots.


Over the two days of the event, and on a preceding “Investors Day” (on May 27th), the Pioneers Festival introduce  some of the world’s leading start-ups with corporations, media and investors. Forbes described the event as a “smarter SWSX” because it embraces science, robotics and AI, bringing it all together one roof. Participation is limited to a selection of 2,500 people; however, the list of announcements, presentations, and speakers is impressive, including top opinion leaders from the world of technology and beyond.

Equally impressive is the list of participating start-ups. Among the Top 200, there are companies active in the fields of robotics, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, big data, biotech and pharma, IT, energy, wearables, gaming, medicine, security, entertainment, social networking, and many more. With three 3D printing companies out of 200 that comes out to a 1.5% impact, which, if we are looking at these potential businesses blooming ten years from now, pretty much confirms Wohler Associates’ predictions.


We have covered all three of these firms on 3DPI in the past. Listed in the 3D printing category, ARTFICIAL is an innovative platform that allows users to stream perfect 3D scans of priceless sculptures to your 3D printer or order a customized and professionally 3D printed replica delivered to you. BioBots is listed in Pioneers’ biotech category. As a finalist at SXSW, BioBots is still in the development phase of its low-cost 3D bioprinter capable of curing biomaterials using blu light technology instead of UVs.biobots

Lumi Industries is also listed in the 3D printing category, alongside ARTFICIAL. The small company, founded by Marin Davide, produces a low-cost DLP 3D printer that can use any external projector to cure resin materials. Their latest model, the LumiPocket, was 111% funded on Indiegogo, raising $70.000. The company also ran a successful campaign on the eppela crowdfunding website, raising €11,000.


Now, it is time for these start-ups to face off with the rest of the start-up world. You can help them secure a spot in the final showdown by voting for them on the Pioneers Festival platform. No doubt in my mind that it would benefit the entire industry if one of them were to take home some serious funding.

Update: I just found out that there is another young 3D printing company competing to enter a separate start-up competition. Pzartech, which we reported on a few months ago, is launching a distributed manufacturing platform focused on replacement parts. The Tel Aviv-based firm is competing to be one of 60 start-ups at the TLV Start Up Challenge at TAU Innovation Day, taking place in Tel Aviv next May 7th through the 10th. You can vote for them here. If you are also part of a start-up competing at upcoming funding events, please contact me. I’d love to hear your story.