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Airwolf 3D Announces Robohand 3D Print-A-Thon!

If you are a regular reader of 3D printing news, you know that some of the most astounding applications are in the medical field. Prosthetics are a wonderful example of how 3D printing, scanning and modeling software can profoundly change someone’s life.  Up to this point in history, prosthetics have been prohibitively expensive for many people who need them. We all know insurance in America has been a disaster in terms of price, and this is one way 3D printing has decimated cost, and increased accessibility while allowing for unlimited, stylized customization.

 prosthetic 3D Print-A-Thon

While hosting the first ever 3D Print-a-Thon and International Flash Print, Airwolf 3Drecently announced plans to work with Robohand USA to generate more than 200 3D printed prosthetic hands for physically disabled people.

Airwolf 3D volunteers will begin continuous 3D printing of the open-source prosthetic hand file from Robohand on Friday, December 12, at 5pm.  At 12 noon on Saturday, Airwolf 3D will invite anyone and everyone to bring their own 3D printers into the company’s Costa Mesa, California headquarters and join in printing the prosthetics. Together Airwolf and the attendees will hopefully break the world record of simultaneous 3D printing in one location. The existing record stands at 102 printers in one spot.

3d printing  prosthetic 3D Print-A-Thon  airwolf robohand

A Robohand is a set of prosthetic fingers that can grab and release anything. One of the principal designers, Richard Van As, lost four fingers in an accident. Together with Ivan Owen, they created the artificial hand to be 3D printed, exponentially reducing the cost compared to a conventional prosthetic. Robohands are also mechanically designed to use wrist motion to avoid the need for batteries or surgery. They are also very easy to repair and upgrade for growing children.

airwolf 3d printersErick Wolf, the cofounder and chairman of Airwolf 3D, said “When we looked at this project we realized it was a perfect fit with what we do. The high speed, high materials capabilities of our [3D] printers make us uniquely suited for the demands of this type of work. We are not making toys, but real, functional prosthetics that require lightweight, durable materials. We want a child using one of these hands to be able to play without worrying about it breaking.”

As the Print-a-Thon takes place at Airwolf 3D facilities, the first international ‘Flash Print’ event will begin.  This means that Airwolf 3D will share the gCode files for printing the prosthetic hands with 3D printer customers across the world to participate and donate prosthetic hands to Robohand USA for distribution to those in need.

3d printed prosthetic hand kid

According to Tyler Caros, the creative director of Airwolf 3D, this has never happened before. “This is the first time in history that such a movement is possible. We are uniting people the world over to work toward this common goal, and it is this technology that makes it possible. With $5 of materials and a few hours you can dramatically change someone’s life. You can sit in your home thousands of miles away, click print, and create a tangible object that will open up an entirely new world to someone.”

3d printed prosthetic hand robohand airwolf

For more information call (949) 478-2933, or email [email protected].