3D Printing

A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams

While UK architect William Stanley has recently launched a 3D printed jewelry shop, with which to execute his 3D printable creativity, it may be his 3D printed Skele-structure sculpture that stands heads above some of the other 3D printed work in the industry.

william-stanley 3D printed skeletecture-sculpture

The Skele-structure is a design that artfully combines 3D printed replicas of pigeon bones with structural elements to create a modern take on prehistoric history. Stanley describes the design by saying, “Skele-structure is a merging of the natural and the artificial. Printed with an SLS 3D printer Skele-structure explores the relationship between light weight bird skeletons and the attempt by man made structures to mimic the lightweight qualities of structures in the animal kingdom.” The 1.8-meter, 3D-printed sculpture now stands looking over the garden of William’s friend, where it likely serves as a scarecrow, as much as an artistic ornament.

William Stanley 3D printed pod house concept

You’ll find similar blends of human engineering and nature in William Stanley’s other designs, as well. For instance, his beautiful representation of the tree houses of the Korowai people in South Eastern Papua uses the artificial nylon of SLS to present the tree dwellings of this jungle tribe. He’s also designed an elaborate prototype for a self-sustainable pod living system which he envisions would be the perfect home for a professional embalmer, part-time ham radio enthusiast. He writes, “The prototype explores the possibility of a fully self sufficient pod dwelling. Taking inspiration from anatomical circulation and yacht mast technology, the pods (organs) are supported by and circulate around a central mast (spine). The mast supports 10 complete pods and a solar capture pod with the top of the mast housing a wind turbine.”

William Stanley 3D printed pulmonary jewelry

And, on his new jewelry site, earrings featuring the bronchi of a lung recreate the pulmonary structures with the modern technology of an MRI machine, as William created the jewelry from actual MRI scans. Personally, I’m a fan of this intricate necklace, which Willaim writes is made of “fifteen interlocking square forms increases in size whilst reducing in solidity plays with the idea of dismantling the solid.”

William Stanley 3D printed necklace

Peruse William’s jewelry, available for purchase, and his artwork, and you may find yourself lost in these fantastical, mathematical designs for some time. But none may be more fascinating than a bird that is part pigeon, part human dystopian nightmare.