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NomaniFOLD: 3D Printed Jewelry Made for the Modern Woman

3D printing technology can be used in a multitude of ways, from creating jewelry with complex design to aiding in an artistic statement about certain social issues, we have seen the ability it gives us to truly express ourselves in the physical. Amsterdam-based 3D printer and designer Joris Peels is combining the two in an effort to create 3D printed jewelry specially made for the modern woman. Peels believes that today’s women often struggle between femininity and equality, and he wanted to capture this constant battle by designing jewelry that represents their fight in an artistic nature. His shop is called NomaniFOLD, named after the intersection between two planes, or as their website states as “the infinite edge where they come together but can’t exist”.

A piece from the Eternal Flames collection, a 3D printing filament roll.

“Women nowadays try to balance on the impossible edge between two faces, just like impossible 3D printed geometries,” Peels told us. “We’ve made modern bangles that reflect a woman who has more choices options and heroes. She no longer wants to marry the F1 driver, she wants to be the F1 driver.”

Cutaway Fresnel (Lightscape collection)

In collaboration with a small team, Peels turned to 3D printing service bureaus ExOne and Luxexcel to print his complex and modern jewelry. There are currently three different collections available on the NomaniFOLD site, the first being the Eternal Flames collection, a group of metal 3D printed charms with designs that are inspired by the current state of technology. These charms range from €155 to €185, and include a Bitcoin logo charm (stainless steel with gold), a Raspberry Pi charm, and a roll of filament charm (both metal-based). The second collection, Lightscape, is a two-piece collection manufactured with 3D printed optics, a service surely supplied by the cutting-edge technology at Luxexcel. Both the Splat ( €193) and the Cutaway Fresnel ( €211), are shapeless and delicate pieces that uses light to produce colorful LED arrays.

Purple is the New Purple
Purple is the New Purple

Aside from 3D printing with metals and optic material, Peels third collection is a five-charm bracelet called Purple is the New Purple, which is produced from polyamide and colored in a bright purple. The five charms include a Truck, Formula One car, Raspberry, roll of 3D printing filament & 3D printer, and is the cheapest piece of the collection at €98. Though some of Peels NomaniFOLD jewelry line is a bit costly, the design is refreshingly current and the materials used are top-notch. I for one applaud Peels and his team for trying to take jewelry design to the next level, using advanced 3D printing techniques to create a collection that is both aesthetically awing and also reflective of who modern women truly are today.