3D Systems Upgrades 3DMe Photobooth for 3D Printables Retail

At CES last year, 3D Systems announced the release of its 3D portrait system, dubbed the 3DMe Photobooth, along with a number of products that are still making their way to market.  The 3DMe booth, in its previous iteration, appeared at trade shows and other conventions, allowing users to 3D scan their faces to be placed onto figures from such popular franchises as Ghost Busters and the Walking Dead.  Now, 3D Systems has revamped their old booth for an improved, streamlined experience.

3dme photobooth for 3D scanning 3D printing collectibles from 3D Systems

The new 3DMe Photobooth still captures instant, photo-realistic 3D scans of faces for use with a variety of characters; however, the new version has been reduced greatly in size from a rounded rectangular booth to a flat kiosk.  More importantly, the device has been given a new point-of-sale (POS) system for onsite credit card purchases, as well as a revenue tracking system to help owners determine which models are selling the most. With the streamlined design, which 3DS suggests can be instantly unpacked and used to start bringing in the paper, the booth’s skin can be customized for a customer’s particular branding.  Plus, the 3DMe Photobooth has 12 language options, increasing its appeal.

Peter Theran, Vice President of Global Consumer Products at 3DS, says of the upgrade, “We’re excited for the new opportunities that 3DMe Photobooth brings to retail and event spaces for increased foot traffic, recurring revenue, and for the joy it brings users. 3DMe Photobooth is always hugely popular with consumers, and now it’s easier for owners, too. It’s a win for everyone.”

3Dme 3D printable walking dead licensed comic-con

Depending on the true ease-of-use and quality of the product, the 3DMe Photobooth could be a pretty enticing way to create an added service for a given business or a simple way to launch a local startup. To learn more about the system, visit the 3D Systems page here and contact the company for more details. If you do decide to start a business with the 3DMe Photobooth, let us know how it goes!