Cognionics EEG Headsets Made Possible with taulman's 3D Printing Materials

Filament manufacturer taulman3D is known for its unique filaments, rivaling materials used for mass manufacturing. And one speciality firm has found taulman’s specialty filaments to be perfect for their products. Cognionics, a developer of wireless brain scanning systems, 3D prints with taulman3D’s PCTPE and Nylon 618 for prototyping and manufacturing their EEG headgear.

3D printed parts for EEG headset from cognionicsBecause EEGs typically rely on messy gels and adhesives with which to attach a whole host of wired sensors to a person’s scalp, Cognionics got into the field of dry, wireless EEG systems, removing both the wires and the mess from the process. To rapidly iterate new EEG headgear designs, as well as manufacture more complex shapes, the firm’s headsets rely on 3D printing. With nylon, Cognionics can print the components requiring more durability than traditional ABS offers.

Clayton MacIntyre, Project Engineer at Cognionics, discusses the firm’s use of 3D printed parts for their dry EEG headsets, “As a result of the complexity we require, these parts would consistently fail with ABS. This headset is subjected to significant amounts of stress. We have tried numerous materials and taulman3D PCTPE and Nylon 618 fit our needs. In addition to performance, PCTPE and 618 are printer friendly, and have excellent extrusion uniformity. Ultimately, we rely on taulman3D for a system that is unmatched in comfort and data quality.”

As EEG data moves from the hospital and research setting to wholly new, sometimes consumer-focused, applications, not only will dry, wireless headsets become increasingly necessary, but, in the future, the ability to custom-manufacture them will become essential as well.  And, while Cognionics is only 3D printing portions of their devices, the time may come that more of the headsets will be 3D printed specifically to an individually’s needs. And, soon, a perfectly fitting EEG headset will by able to fly a user’s personal drone to and from the store, while they sit comfortably at home.