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3D Systems Updates Geomagic Design X Software for 3D Printing & Scanning

Already acting as the developer of an advanced and high-quality reverse engineering software suite , 3D Systems has just announced some key improvements for their upcoming 2016 version of Geomagic Design X. Recognized for its ability to take 3D scans and create comprehensive 3D CAD models from it, Geomagic Design X allows users to create solid 3D printable models from a quick 3D scan, which the program reverse engineers into a CAD-based 3D design. In this latest software update, 3D Systems has implemented an improved user interface, exact surfacing capabilities, and HD mesh construction, too.

The new user interface for Geomagic Design X features new intuitive icons
The new user interface for Geomagic Design X features new intuitive icons

The new and improved Geomagic Design X user interface offers a more informational and user-driven process than its past release. The user interface now offers much quicker access to their toolbar, easier editing capabilities, and a less cluttered overall design that advocates efficient navigation. Users will also now have access to a contextual menu, too, (summoned with a right mouse click) which will place all of your most commonly used tools together in one convenient location. The improved user interface is just on the mere surface of Geomagic Design X’s upgrades, making the entire design process a much simpler task then it was before.

The team behind Geomagic has also developed proven algorithms for an extremely consistent exact surfacing process. Design X will offer tools that intuitively create and edit surface layers, patches, and fittings the exact way you want them on the very first go around. This innovative surfacing method cuts out the headache of having to design NURBS surfaces for CAD modeling, delivering the perfect surface to design on, regardless of whatever it is you’d like to create.

Semi-automated contour extraction in Geomagic Design X starts the process of exact surfacing to NURBS
Semi-automated contour extraction in Geomagic Design X starts the process of exact surfacing to NURBS

The last big addition made by 3D Systems to their Geomagic Design X software is the implementation of HD mesh construction, which will allow for high-resolution and finely defined mesh modeling.Mesh construction is the process of making a roughly designed 3D modeled draft from primitive and basic geometrical shapes. This process with help to recover details from damaged points of the mesh design, and also includes an intelligent, automatic hole filler to help repair the data before preparing it for the next step in 3D manufacturing.

Mesh threads designed on Geomagic Design X
The new HD Mesh features in Geomagic Design X 2016 can quickly and intuitively recreate almost perfect mesh data from sparse and even long-range data

All of these updates coincide with a new version of Geomagic Control, the company’s solution to inspecting and validating 3D scanned parts and CAD models.  Control 2015 is described as having improved reporting tools, making for quicker report generation.  The software has also been updated to accept an even greater number of file formats, for more seamless operation with SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, and is compatible with Faro 3D scanners.

3D Systems’ latest software improvements are definitely indicating that they are aiming at making an all together more user-friendly and assistive design program. 2016 is proving to be an exciting year for Geomagic Design X, and therefore should also be one for many 3D designers and Makers around the world, as well.