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3D Systems Introduces Simbionix Surgical Simulators & Bespoke Medical 3D Modelling Software

The Simbionix ultrasound training module U/S Mentor will debut at this years International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Barcelona, Spain. The transvaginal ultrasound simulator is one of several medical applications that 3D Systems Simbionix will be debuting off at the show.

us mentor action simbionix 3d systems The U/S Mentor Simulator is designed to allow physicians and sonographers to train and practice ultrasound procedures without putting a patient at risk or creating unnecessary discomfort. Each simulator features a dedicated mannequin with simulated anatomies and various pathologies to help train users in proper detection and diagnosis. The virtual patient cases include ectopic pregnancies, fibroids, early IUP, ovarian abnormalities and random normal anatomical variations. Simbionix developed the simulator using American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine guidelines and standards.

us mentor simbionix 3d systems“The U/S Mentor has been very well accepted, with customers especially impressed with the realistic imaging and training options that it offers,” said Simbionix and 3DS Vice President and General Manager Gary Zamler. “Our well-established advanced ultrasound simulation technology, which has been developed over the last 10 years, allows us to rapidly enhance the product and provide a variety of unique training packages in correspondence with our client’s needs.”

Simbionix will also be debuting their Bespoke Modeling cloud-based software that allows doctors and hospital staff to pre-visualize, share and even 3D print full-color models directly from the DICOM – CT scan or MRI – data. The 3D model can be exported to a local 3D printer, or purchased directly from an integrated Cubify app.

bespoke modeling simbionix 3d systemsThis will allow doctors from all over the world to consult on difficult or rare medical cases without having to actually be to on site. Heart specialists can 3D print a replica of the patients heart locally and counsel doctors on the other side of the planet on the correct way to handle the procedure. The software is accessible from any internet enabled device, including tablets or smartphones.

Here is a video about the software and how it works:

The U/S Mentor module will be on display at the ISUOG 2014 in Barcelona, Spain on September 14th through the 17th. Show attendees will be allowed hands-on demonstrations for the entirety of the show.