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3D Systems Appoints Former HP Exec as New CEO

After a rocky year or so, 3D Systems finally saw its former CEO Avi Reichental step down from the position as the 3D printing leader sought to regroup. Facilities were closed and the consumer line of the company was shut down, with 3D Systems taking the decision to focus on its broad industrial line as interim-CEO & Chief Legal Officer Andy Johnson took the reigns for a time and the Executive Management Committee began looking for a replacement.  Today, 3D Systems has announced that replacement as Vyomesh Joshi, who retired as executive vice president of Hewlett-Packard Company’s Imaging and Printing Group in 2012.

PHOTO Vyomesh Joshi named CEO of 3D SystemsTo accelerate the company’s growth strategy, VJ has been appointed by the 3D Systems board as President and CEO.  VJ joined HP in 1980 as an R&D engineer before climbing up to the position of vice president and was eventually named one of Fortune 500’s most influential Indian-Americans in 2005. In addition to doubling HP’s own profits during an 11-year period, VJ also sat on the board of directors of Yahoo!

VJ said of the appointment, “I am incredibly excited about the future of 3D Systems. We have a tremendous opportunity to help customers take advantage of the era of manufacturing transformation, including mass customization. While the company has a strong history in place, it is clear that we need to develop new and innovative products with unprecedented quality and service levels to drive sustainable growth and profits.”

Wally Loewenbaum, Chairman of the 3D Systems Board of Directors, commented, “We are pleased to announce VJ’s appointment as President and CEO of 3D Systems. VJ’s significant experience scaling and strengthening technology-driven businesses, his expertise in product development and innovation, and his proven track record of operational excellence make him the ideal candidate to lead our company into its next era.”

Johnson will stay on as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, while the new CEO steps into his role. Given VJ’s experience and 3D Systems’ immense technology portfolio, the industry leader may at last regain its status in 3D printing.