3D Rendering Competition: Open Source Space Shuttle

The Exosphere ES-1 open source space shuttle design project is a campaign even more ambitious than 3D printed rockets and open source rocket engines. The pre-Kickstarted campaign is looking for 3D rendering artists to complete visuals for their orbital vehicle.

The invitation to participate in this design challenge states that: “All prizes offered in this contest are contingent upon a successful crowd-funding campaign and will be paid only after successful completion of a crowd-funding campaign. This is very important to note. With that said, we are dying to get your submissions!

Contest Overview

The Exosphere 3D Rendering Contest is a promotion with the intent to raise awareness about our Project and the Space Industry. Anyone can enter the contest. Prizes will be given away to the top 5 entries as voted on by the community.

The artwork should be based on the concept drawing of our Earth Shuttle-1. The winning designs will be posted on the Exosphere homepage, facebook page, tumblr page, and most likely will appear in future marketing materials.

3D Rendering Space Shuttle Johnathon Bates

The Rendering

The rendering should be of our concept shuttle: the ES-1. We fully expect and encourage artistic changes to the design. The basics should be the same. We expect you – the artist – to put a signature line in the bottom right of the render. (We want you to get credit for your work!)

The Rules

We may request a copy of the original file if you are the winner.
The work must be your own and you understand you are relinquishing sole rights to your work by putting it in the contest. We reserve the right to use any or all submissions in marketing materials.
The contest will be staff picks voted on by the community.
You may upload as many designs as you would like, but you can only win once.
Teams are allowed, but will only receive one prize.
The render must have the Exosphere logo/name and the ES-1 tag.
The background scene can be anything from open space to alien worlds.

There will be 5 prizes awarded. Each award level will receive a custom made plaque with Exosphere, the contest, and the artists/teams name(s).

• 1st place will receive $1000.00 plus an award plaque.
• 2nd place will receive $750.00 plus an award plaque.
• 3rd place will receive $500.00 plus an award plaque.
• 4th place will receive $300.00 plus an award plaque.
• 5th place will receive $200.00 plus an award plaque.

We reserve the right to offer additional special awards based on submissions.

How we will judge the contest

The staff will pick at least 5, but no more than 20 submissions for a vote. The poll will take place after the contest is over and we have had time to go through all submissions. Our choices will be based on artistic design, lighting, realism, scenery, and many more aspects. An image does not have to be perfect to be chosen. We encourage artists of all skill level to join the contest! What are you waiting for? Go get moving and start uploading your renders to our forum!”

Source: Exosphere