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KVR Introduces 3D Printed Tortoise Lamp

KVR Design and Prototyping is a proudly South African product design studio and 3D Printing consultancy based in Woodstock, Cape Town’s creative hub. The company is also delightedly introducing the first, of what it hopes will be a long line, in its bespoke product range.

KVR design & Prototyping

Kenneth van Rensburg KVR design & prototypingThis elegant lamp by Kenneth van Rensburg, a Director of KVR Design and a justifiably, self-appointed 3D printing ambassador, combines modern 3D printing technology with the enduring natural world to create a distinct design. The lamp features a 3D printed replica of an individual tortoise shell, mounted on an arched bamboo base and lit using an LED. The result is a fusion of simplicity and sophistication. According to van Rensburg, the aim is to evoke the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which embraces the imperfections of nature and is characterized by its modest refinement.

Did we mention KVR is proud to be South African? They reinforced this, when they let us know this piece was designed, developed and 3D printed in 2014’s World Design Capital — Cape Town.

About KVR

KVR Design and Prototyping aims to offer bespoke 3D printed products and a new approach to the 3D printing service industry. In addition to its own product range, KVR draws on years of experience to assist in project managing or developing clients’ ideas from inception to completion. The company’s primary focus and speciality is in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping industry, and its associated technologies.

Source: KVR Design