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Forget Princeton, Go to Solidoodle U!

I’m sorry. That title’s very misleading, but so is Solidoodle U as it is not so much an accredited four-year university, but a pair of discounted 3D printer packages for educators. Solidoodle’s 3D printer deal is described, by the company, as a “comprehensive program” to help teachers get 3D printing into their classrooms.

solidoodle u 3D Printing

The 3D printer manufacturer has developed two education packages, for its 3rd and 4th generation 3D printer models.  The Solidoodle 4 package, with a value of $1085, includes the 4th gen model Solidoodle 3D printer and two 2 pound spools of filament for $899.  The Solidoodle 3 package, with an $842 value, includes the 3rd gen Solidoodle model with one 2 pound spool of filament for $699. In addition to the machines, participation in Solidoodle U comes with free access to a 3D printing curriculum and the company’s file sharing site, Solidoodles.com, where educators can share lesson plans with one another.

Solidoodle’s CEO, Sam Cervantes, explains the motivation behind the program:

3D printing lets a student develop an idea from initial concept through design and iteration phases to final tested parts, all from a computer. Teachers have been some of our earliest customers because they recognize our products as powerful tools for hands-on learning across a broad range of subject areas, from art and design to science and engineering. Solidoodle U expands our products’ accessibility for the classroom with even more affordable options and new resources developed for educators.

Discounts for students and teachers are a great way to increase a technology’s accessibility. I hope that lowered prices for Solidoodle’s printers make it easier for educators to introduce 3D printing to their classrooms.

Source: PR Web