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3D Printing News Sliced: Whispering Gibbon, Polaroid, EOS, Autodesk, Chizzle

Slicing this week’s 3D printing news, featuring: Polaroid, Chizzle, Whispering Gibbon, EOS, Autodesk, Livrea Yacht, Dublin City University, Magicfirm Europe and 3D Ninja.

Polaroid Design 3D Pen

Polaroid has announced it will release an update to its 3D pen in the form of the ‘Design 3D Pen.’ The company only recently entered the 3D printing market with the ModelSmart 3D printer and the Play 3D pen. However, the North American company is looking to expand its offerings with a more advanced 3D printing pen aimed at artists, designers and other professionals.

The pen features an internal fan to prevent jamming, six-speed control and is compatible with PLA and ABS materials. The device is currently available for pre-order through Indiegogo at a standard price of $180. Shipping is expected to begin in July and the pen is available in four different colors.

The Polaroid Design 3D Pen in silver. Image via Polaroid.
The Polaroid Design 3D Pen in silver. Image via Polaroid.

Chizzle’s 3D Smart Sculpting Table

Elsewhere on Indiegogo, Israeli startup Formme has launched a 3D sculpting tool called Chizzle. The device is essentially a 3D scanner combined with a sculpting table. The Chizzle keeps a real-time scan of a user’s sculpture while they sculpt and attempts to bring the ancient art of sculpting into the digital age of the 21st Century.

Chizzle showing how the table can be used to trace 3D objects. Image via Chizzle.
Chizzle showing how the table can be used to trace 3D objects. Image via Chizzle.

The table features five cameras which are able to create a digital 3D capture of the sculpture. Chizzle is aimed as a learning tool since it connects to a computer and provides real time feedback. 3D objects can also be loaded on the computer in order to provide a guideline.

Once an object has been sculpted using the Chizzle, it can be shared digitally and even 3D printed. The standard version of the Smart Sculpting Table is priced at $99 on Indiegogo.

Combining the old with new. Photo via Chizzle.
Combining the old with new. Photo via Chizzle.

Software firm Whispering Gibbon receives investment from Creative England 

Newcastle software startup Whispering Gibbon has been given a “six-figure” grant from Non-profit Creative England. The grant was given to the software company to support the launch of its two software products Renderfab and Grabit.

Grabit enables users to grab an on-screen object from a video game, for example, and generate a digital 3D model. While Renderfab is the technology that can automatically convert the data models in to 3D printable form.

Joe Stevens, founder and CEO of Whispering Gibbon explains the significance of the technology,

Up to now there has always been a manual process to ‘hand-fix’ any kind of customised 3D model which is costly and time consuming. By fully automating the process our platform keeps costs down ensuring each 3D model uses the least material possible.

An example of a 3D printed model using Renderfab. Image via Renderfab.
An example of a 3D printed model using Renderfab. Image via Renderfab.

EOS launch EOSPRINT 2.0

German additive manufacturing company EOS has launched an update to its CAM software. The new program provides a number of advantages including, better user interface, plane segmentation capabilities, improved ParameterEditor module, and integration into Siemens NX software. EOSPRINT 2.0 has initially been launched for EOS M 290 and EOS M 400 metal machines but will soon be available across all current metal systems and future polymer devices.

Gerd Denninger, Software Product Manager at EOS explains the upgrade,

We advanced EOSPRINT in accordance with market needs, particularly in the fields of ease of use, higher part quality and increased productivity. EOSPRINT 2.0 makes the initial steps of the actual AM build process easier and the comprehensive AM CAM environment enables engineers to reach higher quality and lower cost than ever before.

The EOSPRINT 2.0 software. Image via EOS.
The EOSPRINT 2.0 software. Image via EOS.

Dublin City University additive manufacturing project

Dublin City University, Ireland has announced its professors Dermot Brabazon and Denis Dowling will lead an additive manufacturing project called Deantus. The project will focus on innovative techniques and processes for the technology and follows an announcement that Science Foundation Ireland will invest €72 million into research centres.

Italian company 3D printing yacht with Autodesk 

American software company Autodesk has teamed up with Italian company Livrea Yacht to create a 3D printed yacht. The Livrea co-founders Daniele Cevola and Francesco Belivsi are keen to advance the art of boat fabrication with modern technologies such as 3D design and 3D printing. When completed, the duo hope to sail the yacht in 2018.

Similarly, an Autodesk research scientist has redesigned the airplane seat with generative design and could subsequently save airlines millions of dollars.

3D printed yacht component. Image via Autodesk.
3D printed yacht component. Image via Autodesk.

Magicfirm Europe releases 

Swedish company Magicfirm Europe AB has announced the release of the ZYYX Pro 3D printer. The industrial desktop 3D printer has a heated chamber, automatic bed levelling and is able to print in Magicfirm’s new Nylon, Carbon and Kevlar based materials.

Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe and creator of the ZYYX 3D printer explains,

Many of our customers have expressed a need for high-strength parts. The ZYYX pro and our new pro filaments will meet their requirements for functional prototypes and end-use parts such as tools, jigs and fixtures.

The ZYYX Pro 3D printer. Image via Magicfirm Europe.
The ZYYX Pro 3D printer. Image via Magicfirm Europe.

Beta launch of .stl search engine Ifind3D

Dutch 3D printer reseller 3D Ninja has launched the beta version of its 3D printable models search engine, IFind3D. The database compiles 3D files from 7 different online platforms including Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory and others.

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Featured image shows Sliced image over photo of a Renderfab 3D print from video game TerraTech. Image via Whispering Gibbon.