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Online 3D Printing Marketplace 3Discovered Secure Further Investment

Chicago-based start-up 3Discovered — an online marketplace connecting product design owners, customers, and 3D printing service bureaus for commercial-grade 3D design-for-print —  has successfully closed its first external financing round. It will fund the development of 3Discovered’s online exchange platform for commercial-grade 3D printable designs.

The core investment follows an initial seed investment by the company’s founders Ocean Tomo and Liberty Investment Ventures. Ocean Tomo, LLC provides industry leading financial products and services related to intellectual property that include financial strategy consulting, proprietary research products, expert testimony, valuation, and investment services. Liberty Investment Ventures, LLC is the investment arm of Liberty Advisor Group LLC, a  management consultancy offering information technology strategy, advanced analytics, program management and business transformation.

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AITV is a US-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage and medium-growth IT software companies. General Partner, Brent Granado, enthused: “AITV is very excited about the tremendous potential of 3D printing. We believe 3Discovered, with their solutions for eliminating transaction obstacles, is on the right path to capitalize on the opportunity we see in commercial and industrial adoption of this technology.”

The company cites its patent-pending exchange platform to be the first that addressesthe full range of  obstacles to the transactation of commercial-grade designs for 3D printing — incorporating features like piracy protection, quality verification, pricing transparency and printing in multiple locations and across numerous additive manufacturing technologies.

3Discovered’s Co-founder and CEOPeer Munck said: “We are very pleased to have concluded such a successful funding round. This gives us the financial resources to commence transactions of 3D printable designs and products for our commercial partners early next year.”