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3D Printed Celtic Knots Tie Tradition to New Technology

In describing the Celtic inspiration for a new app called Sertae, the imaterialise site puts it best: “There is neither beginning nor end in beautifully intertwined Celtic knots. Their endless flow represents eternity, love, unity, harmony and the timeless nature of our spirit.” The app, named after its creator, allows users to take part in their own creation of eternal Celtic knots in the form of intricate pendants 3D printed by imaterialise.

3D printed celtic knot imaterialise

The Poland-based designer, Sertae, sought to make jewellery customization more accessible, saying, “Creating something that is a copy of a copy is simple. But Sertae started as a project to follow the other path. This is not a start-up or company, there are no investors behind me. I’m on my own, doing what I love.” And, so, the designer created an app that with a few clicks of a mouse and the connecting of a few dots, you can easily create your own Celtic knot pendant.

sertae 3D printed celtic knot designer step 2

The process is simple: you choose a shape for your pendant – either a square, heart, circle or rhombus. Then, you connect a series of dots that form the twists and turns of your Celtic knot pattern. When you’re satisfied with the work that you’ve created, you choose your finishing material either, Silver or Brass. Finally, imaterialise prints it for you for upwards of €59 (about $82).

sertae 3D printed celtic knot designer step 3

St. Patrick’s Day may have already passed, but Sertae’s easy app is perfect for those with Irish pride and lovers of Celtic symbols alike.

Source: i.materialise