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Additive Graphene With Grafoid & Altamat Atomisation Agreement

Grafoid Inc., which debuted the first graphene to be trademarked in the world in May 2013 as MesoGraf, has announced an agreement with Altamat Inc. for the construction of an atomisation facility to produce MesoGraf graphene-based powders and filaments for 3D printing. This agreement will provide Grafoid with exclusive global rights to apply their graphene technologies for use in a wide range of functionalised powders for 3D printing applications. The atomisation facility will be built at Grafoid’s facility located at the Innovation Park technology centre in Kingston, Ontario.

Grafoid Inc., with R&D and production facilities in Singapore, Canada and the United States, is an advanced graphene technologies company. Altamat Inc. is an advanced materials manufacturing consultancy with expertise in materials process engineering for metals, metallic alloys and composites.

Grafoid, Inc. is engaged in the development of graphene patent joint ventures globally, in the areas of renewable energy, advanced polymer materials, bio-medicine, thermal dispersion technologies, coatings and a number of classified material development projects. Focus Graphite, Inc. (TSX Venture: FMS)(OTCQX:FCSMF)(FSE:FKC) holds a significant interest in Grafoid.

To quote: ‘…analysts forecast the global graphene market to grow at a CAGR of 60.4 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the growing demand for graphene due to its superior attributes.’ – Infiniti Research Limited, October 2013

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The MesoGraf process uniquely transforms unprocessed graphite ore to high-purity, thin layer graphene. It was invented by Dr. Henein, a renowned researcher and inventor, and a Professor of Material Engineering at the University of Alberta. The agreement was signed by Grafoid Chief Executive Officer, Gary Economo and by Dr. Hani Henein for Edmonton, Alberta-based Altamat.

“Success in 3D graphene printed materials markets comes from an ability to create the highest performing products at the lowest possible cost on a safe and environmentally sustainable basis. Our agreement with Altamat and Dr. Henein’s engineering expertise adds yet another element to Grafoid’s expanding portfolio of MesoGraf™ graphene development,” commented Mr. Economo.

Grafoid aims to supply a wide range of Mesograf-based powders and filaments that will allow manufacturing companies to utilise additive manufacturing processes to produce their end products on demand, not solely for prototyping purposes. As the breadth and range of industries that adopt additive manufacturing into their production process increase, so does the potential for companies like Grafoid to meet the industrial demand for scalable, mass production of new Mesograf- based 3D printable powders and filaments.

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