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When Abstract Becomes Concrete: Budmen and Frischling Project Creates “Actualizing Abstraction” with 3D Printing

What can 3D printing do? It can turn the abstract into concrete. Inspired by a previous collaboration, 8 bits, Isaac Budmen found a new project with artist Carolyn Frischling. Together, they took her abstract digital prints and turned them into 3D printed objects ready for wall display. The vibrant colours and sliding lines toyed with the concept of space and dimension in 2D form as Frischling intends with her art, but the printed object enables the form to breath, to actually find the space it wishes to embody.

The piece, called “Actualizing Abstraction,” is 9”x9”x2” in full-color sandstone, and it is the result of concepts finding tangible realities. Frischling has come to be known for her abstract digital prints, so Budmen scoured her extensive catalogue for a work that fit their goal. Once settled on a work, Budmen worked out spatial relationships and topographies to retain the original essence as it moved to its new form with a 3rd dimension. In order to adapt to 3D printing, the forms had to be hollowed and thin walls reinforced. The original work conveys the illusion of space whereas the 3D printed version needed to be digitally crafted in 3D by meticulous rendering.

abstract 3d printing

As a result of the effort, we are left with a gorgeous work meant to be hung like a portrait. Frischling and Budmen’s work dissolves the delineation between 2D and 3D, between abstract and concrete. Where two forms existed, 3D printing brought them together, blurring lines and urging the viewer to ponder the barriers and definitions of form and space. What is it we see, and how much of our definition of what exists is based on preconceived notions versus newly acquired perspective? Carolyn Frischling describes the effect perfectly, “What is particularly exciting to me is that our collaboration juxtaposes the abstract with the concrete, and a new thing is created from the synergy of our process.”

abstract 3d printing

Source: Team Budmen