3D Printing

Meta 3D Printing App for Virtual Reality Glasses

Start-up wearable technology company Meta has said that its latest Meta.01 developer edition augmented reality headset will come preloaded with a gesture-controlled sculpting and 3D printing app. The start-ups Glasses are due to ship from as early as the end of April. The wearable, which overlays digital graphics uses twin transparent displays to augment the real-world.

The wearer indicates the shape of the desired output object in front of them with their fingers, and that virtual shape is then automatically rendered for a 3D printer and made real. Meta has the ability to individually identify and track each of the user’s fingers to project a virtual interface for the modelling right in their line of vision, using gestures, on the 3D printer.

SpaceGlasses GraphMeta.01 developer edition paves the way for the company’s first consumer product, the Meta Pro that will look far more akin to a set of fashionable sunglasses which is expected to ship from July this year.

The company is also aiming to release a Pro version of the headset at USD$3,650, reportably akin to a fully-functioning laptop in a set of glasses, with a full wearable display. Meta’s aim is to aid enough developers to jump on board with the initial Meta.01 kit to get the third-party app situation to the tipping point. The developer edition is up for pre-order now, priced at $667.