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3D Printing and Gaming Merge in G2A 3D+ Project

I’m convinced that 3D printing is set to take off in the world of gaming. Investors backing startups like Whispering Gibbon and FabZat demonstrate that I’m not the only one.  And, now, Polish 3D printer manufacturer 3DGence has partnered with massive gaming marketplace G2A.COM as further evidence that 3D printing and digital entertainment go hand in hand. Together, they have launched the G2A 3D+ project, a 3D printing marketplace for designers and gamers alike.

3D Printing Gaming Merge in G2A 3D+ Project

Like other platforms, G2A 3D+ allows users to capture 3D printable moments from their favorite games.  Freeze-framing a character in mid-motion, users can extract a file for 3D printing at home or through an external 3D printing service. With a variety of DRM options (including the choice of DRM-free models), game developers select the characters and assets they’d like to make 3D printable. And the site ensures that these models are watertight and can be printed without issue.

Though a startup like Whispering Gibbon is hoping to offer similar services, G2A 3D+ could be set to dominate the nascent field of 3D printable gaming.  With over 200 million customers, G2A is already a well-established brand and the launch of this project sees a number of game studios, large and small, partnering from the onset.  Fuero Games, The Farm 51, Anshar Studios and Awaken Realms are among the first studios to join.  And with many cross-links between G2A and 3DGence, the Polish printer manufacturer will likely be a part of the project along every step of the way.

Patryk Kadlec, Head of Global Business Development at G2A.COM and Co-founder of 3DGence, says of G2A 3D+, “G2A.COM has been following 3D printing market very closely and has chosen to partner with the best 3D printer manufacturer, 3DGence. Both companies have plenty in common – in-depth knowledge of their market and desire of delivering the best products, services and overall best experience possible. G2A 3D+ will bridge the gap between virtual and real world.”

Jakub Sołtysik, Marketing and PR Manager for 3DGence, adds, “Finally, we’ll have our own place online in which creative individuals will be able to fulfill their desire of accomplishment and receive real benefits for their creative work. We’re planning to host a wide range of 3D printing competitions within G2A 3D+, create new social initiatives such us real-time 3D design, enthusiast conventions and many more. We want to give people the opportunity to develop their skills and while having plenty of fun.”

G2A 3D+ project for 3D printing video games

In addition to leveraging its large social network of game developers, gamers, and more, G2A.COM hopes to target businesses for 3D printing outside of printable game assets.  For instance, G2A 3D+ has already partnered with Taiwanese PC manufacturer MSI, which has already been involved in case modding for PC gamers.  G2A 3D+ also has plans to target industries such as jewelry, automotive, architecture and healthcare to further expand their reach.

Finally, the partners involved are aware of the imminence of VR and hope to target VR users, as well. As the project launched at the Taipei Game Show last week, the G2A 3D+ press release read, “[The] virtual world is about to become reality.” In some ways, it is the gaming market that will be among the first consumer sectors to demonstrate the coalescence of the digital and physical worlds through 3D printing.  While the virtual world may become reality, I also believe that mixed reality will become the new reality.