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3D printer manufacturer Winbo looking for resellers

Winbo, the Chinese 3D printing company, are looking to expand further with a call for resellers.

Winbo's 3D printer range (minus the Super Helper series)
The company’s 3D printer range (minus the Super Helper series)

Providing every 3D printer you can imagine

Winbo has been in manufacturing for over twenty years and started out life making and selling stationery goods. Winbo’s 3D printer business now provides almost every shape and size of FDM 3D printer you can imagine: the High Precision 3D Printer-Mini; the Dual Nozzle “Cooper Style”; 8 nozzles in 1; 6-unit & 9-unit mini factories; big area Dragon models; and, most recently, the multi-tool Super Helper series.

The Super Helper series of 3D printers with multi tool function
The Super Helper series of 3D printers with multi tool function

Not only does the Super Helper series introduce laser cutting and etching to the 3D printing process, but is also at a remarkable price. The standard 3-in-1 Super Helper is only $339 and comes bundled with 12 rolls of PLA and 6 wooden boards to try out the laser.

Supported by Winbo grade materials & 24 hour customer service

Winbo’s wide range of 3D printers is supported by a proprietary range of PLA, ABS and PETG filaments that come in every colour of the rainbow, and sometimes provide multiple colors within the same roll. The company also stock and sell 3D Systems’ Sense 3D hand-scanner.

It’s a refreshing approach from the company as the current 3D market can be very confusing and overwhelming.

Team in the Micro Smart Factory
The Winbo Team in the Micro Smart Factory

Winbo also promise their customers a helping hand on every step of the way. The customer service on their website is open 24 hours, with livechat, Skype call and email option.

The Winbo Smart Micro Factory serves as showcase of all 3D printing’s possibilities, and is where their designers produce new and colorful objects.

As the Winbo Super Helper 3D printer recently made it to French independent boutique Ze Blate, we’re hoping that this is the first sign of Winbo products coming to the rest of Europe.

Featured image shows a miniature 3D printed Guanghzou city made by the company. All photos in this article, including the featured image, are provided by Winbo.