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Industry insight into Winbo: a 3D printing one-stop-shop

Winbo Smart Tech are devoted to the development of 3D printing technologies in pretty much every way possible. The company’s infrastructure is designed in such a way that all a consumer needs is an idea and they provide the rest. Their repertoire covers everything from training, to the production of filament materials; to 3D modeling & its applications; right down to the 3D printers themselves.

A vibrant and creative vision of the future

The company’s on-site Smart Micro-Factory, showcasing hundreds of their original 3D model designs. Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co. Ltd

The factory covers over 20,000 square meters and is located in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou and houses a Smart Micro-Factory in addition to their regular production output. The Micro-Factory is where Winbo’s creativity really comes to life as it showcases the end results and physical production of the company’s original designs. One of their many unique creations is a futuristic Reception Room which features fully 3D printed chairs and a matching desk.

Winbo's 3D Printed Reception Room Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co. Ltd
The company’s 3D Printed Reception Room Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co. Ltd

Multiple objects: one machine

Winbo currently offer a range of 14 different printer models, that are suitable for producing objects individually, or rather excitingly in small-batches of up to 9 objects in their industrial machines. Printers that produce multiple models simultaneously come in two different types: one with multiple nozzles on a singular print-bed, and the other a ‘Vertical’ compartmentalized machine, which we think is pretty impressive and has the potential to be an industry-wide first.

Vertical 9 units 3D Printer (High precision) Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co., Ltd

While offering such an all-in-one package, it’s reassuring to know that Winbo products also undergo a rigorous quality assurance process before they reach the client. Their printers are tested for at least 80 hours before shipping, and filaments face multi-machine and model challenges before they achieve certification. It’s refreshing to see a company taking such a thorough approach to the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and doing so always with smiles on their faces.

The dedicated Winbo customer service team Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co., Ltd
The dedicated Winbo customer service team Photo via: Winbo Smart Tech Co., Ltd

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Featured image: Winbo headquarters based in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China